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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cat of the Week: Oliver in Baltimore

Cat of the Week

Each week in this space, we feature an older adult or senior cat (7 years +) in need of adoption or sponsorship. Mature cats make great companions, and unlike kittens, they (probably) won’t climb the curtains! Adopt an older cat, and help them enjoy the best years of their life.

Adopt Oliver!

Say hello to Oliver. He is a 7-year-old gentleman who is really into getting attention from people. Oliver loves to have someone pet him, and he can purr up a storm. He is super laid-back and so very friendly…. He also enjoys a nice cat bed, and he thinks birdwatching is pretty fun too. Oliver has diabetes and needs insulin shots twice a day, but this is not nearly as scary as it might sound. Old SoLT has given cats these shots before, and it is really easy and uses a small needle. Plus, ol’ Oliver is a pro at getting his shots!

Oliver is currently in a foster home, and his adoption fee is sponsored by a donor. Contact the Baltimore Humane Society to meet him. Learn more about him here.

Can’t adopt? You can still help! Check out Sammy’s Cat Necessities Fund, which provides money for everyday and medical needs of cats at the Baltimore Humane Society. You can also make a general donation or sponsor a particular animal on this page. Every little bit helps!