A note about The Cuddlywumps Chronicles

This blog is written and maintained by Miss Cuddlywumps, a fluffy-tailed calico cat who is both classically educated and familiar with mysteries. Comments or complaints should be addressed to Miss C rather than to author Roby Sweet. Ms. Sweet accepts no responsibility for Miss C's opinions.

About the Real Cats

Paisley and Webster: A tortoiseshell cat and cream-and-white tabby cat curled up together
Paisley and Webster taking it easy together.

There are two Real Cats involved in this blog: Paisley and Webster. Paisley (female) is a tortie with plenty of tortitude. She is basically in charge of the whole household, which is a pretty big responsibility for one 12-pound cat. Webster (male) is a cream-and-white tabby and is the sweetest, most laid-back cat you can imagine—except when he gets feisty, which happens once in a great while! They are both about 11 years old.

Webster gets more into blogging than Paisley does, so he shows up more often. Paisley prefers to meow a lot without saying anything we could put in a post.

Paisley and Webster: a cream-and-white tabby and a tortoiseshell cat looking out a window together.
Best friends sharing an interesting window.
This photo is from 2008.

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