A note about The Cuddlywumps Chronicles

This blog is written and maintained by Miss Cuddlywumps, a fluffy-tailed calico cat who is both classically educated and familiar with mysteries. She receives creative input from the Real Cats and clerical assistance from She of Little Talent (old SoLT, a.k.a. Roby Sweet). Comments or complaints should be addressed to Miss C rather than to old SoLt (Ms. Sweet). Ms. Sweet accepts no responsibility for Miss C's opinions.

About the Real Cats

Paisley and Webster: A tortoiseshell cat and cream-and-white tabby cat curled up together
Paisley and Webster taking it easy together.

There are two Real Cats involved in this blog: Paisley and Webster. Paisley (female) is a tortie with plenty of tortitude. She is basically in charge of the whole household, which is a pretty big responsibility for one 12-pound cat. Webster (male) is a cream-and-white tabby and is the sweetest, most laid-back cat you can imagine—except when he gets feisty, which happens once in a great while! They are both about 13 years old.

Webster gets more into blogging than Paisley does, so he shows up more often. Paisley prefers to meow a lot without saying anything we could put in a post.

Paisley and Webster: a cream-and-white tabby and a tortoiseshell cat looking out a window together.
Best friends sharing an interesting window.
This photo is from 2008.

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  1. Paisley reminds me of my "Truffie," also a tortie cat who runs the house. Very pretty kitty.