A note about The Cuddlywumps Chronicles

This blog is written and maintained by Miss Cuddlywumps, a fluffy-tailed calico cat who is both classically educated and familiar with mysteries. She receives creative input from the Real Cats and clerical assistance from She of Little Talent (old SoLT, a.k.a. Roby Sweet). Comments or complaints should be addressed to Miss C rather than to old SoLt (Ms. Sweet). Ms. Sweet accepts no responsibility for Miss C's opinions.

About Old SoLT

The person Miss C refers to as old SoLT (short for "She of Little Talent") prefers to be called Roby Sweet. She is the author of Miss C's cozy mysteries and helps Miss C maintain The Cuddlywumps Chronicles.

Roby Sweet in Cuddlywumps T-shirts
No, she's not triplets. She just couldn't decide which shirt to wear, so she wore all of them.

Roby Sweet was born in Virginia but has always felt like a native of Maryland, where she has lived most of her life. After high school she worked for several years in animal care and landscaping before attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where she earned a degree in ancient studies (a combination of primarily Greek and Roman history, literature, and archaeology). She then worked as an archaeology laboratory technician before becoming an editor. Roby is now a freelance editor and writes fiction in her spare time.

She wrote and illustrated her first book when she was in the fifth grade. She bound the pages together with brown packing tape (a method that seemed quite ingenious at the time). Alas, Charlie at the Fish Olympics remains unpublished. Next came The Adventures of Puck and Stick, which had something to do with hockey, followed by various short stories now lost to time. A Bump in the Road is the second book Roby has drafted during National Novel Writing Month. The first, Queen Paisley the Magnificent, she published under her boring real name in 2010.

Ms. Sweet writes and edits with the help of one fictional cat (Miss C), two Real Cats, and one Resident Dog (though not all at the same time). When not writing or editing, she enjoys bird watching, stamp collecting, and researching family history. She also makes repeated attempts to convince the Real Cats it would be fun to play with her. They remain largely unconvinced.