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Friday, November 28, 2014

Miss Cuddlywumps’ Black Friday Shopping Advice and Guide to Cat-Approved Products

Today in the United States it is Black Friday, which you silly humans have designated as the day to get up hours before dawn and wade into densely crowded stores to buy the best Christmas gifts (which many of you will keep for yourselves) at the lowest possible prices. Some of you even stay up all night, camped out in front of your favorite store so you can be first in line when the doors open. Some of you even started shopping yesterday, or late last night.

You are all so weird.

And way too materialistic.

But, as long as you’re in shopping mode …

Pick up a little something special for the cat

Because the title of this post promised shopping advice, here’s mine: Stay home in your pajamas and shop online, where you can find some really nice things for your cat. Also you can sip hot cocoa while you browse cute pictures of cats and watch funny videos of cats to your heart’s content.

And because the title also promised a guide to cat products, here are three of She of Little Talent's favorite things. These toys are all highly recommended and have been thoroughly tested and cat-approved by old SoLT's real cats:

Sturdy, eighteen inches long and filled with organic catnip, Purrfectplay’s Long Catnip Snake is perfect for bunny-kicking. Old SoLT has three of them—one for each cat, and all the cats love them. The real cats like to bunny-kick these toys, chase them when Old SoLT throws them, and stretch up to catch them when she dangles them in the air. Good thing they’re sturdy! We think every cat should have a Long Catnip Snake.
Made in the USA!

Long Catnip Snake from Purrfectplay.
Lots of bunny-kicking fun!
Made in the USA!
Photo courtesy of Purrfectplay.

The Cat Amazing puzzle box is a toy to exercise your cat’s mind. It’s basically a cardboard box with a special insert and holes cut in the top and sides. After assembling the Cat Amazing puzzle (which is easy to do), you drop some treats into it and let your cat figure out how to get them out. The insert divides the puzzle into easy, intermediate, and “top cat” sections, based on how hard it is for the cat to extract the treats.

Old SoLT’s smartest cat, Jack, has a ball with Cat Amazing and is very energetic about getting to those treats. The least-smart cat, Webster, doesn’t quite “get it” and can only extract treats if Old SoLT places them, one at a time, directly inside the easiest hole so he can pull them right out. She’s happy to do this, though, because Webs is so cute and Old SoLT is such a sucker.

Cat Amazing puzzle box toy.
Gives your cat a mental challenge!

Old SoLT discovered Galileo’s toys several years ago at the National Capital Cat Show. These are pyramid-shaped cloth toys filled with organic catnip, and all three real cats love them. The pyramids come in big and small sizes. The big ones are great for chasing and bunny-kicking, and the smaller ones are great for chasing and jumping & catching. They also make nice pillows: Webster likes to lick these toys for a while, then lay his head on them and take a little nap.

Made in the USA!

Galileo’s Organic Catnip Really Big Toy.
Great for bunny-kicking and chasing, and makes a nice pillow.
Made in the USA!