A note about The Cuddlywumps Chronicles

This blog is written and maintained by Miss Cuddlywumps, a fluffy-tailed calico cat who is both classically educated and familiar with mysteries. She receives creative input from the Real Cats and clerical assistance from She of Little Talent (old SoLT, a.k.a. Roby Sweet). Comments or complaints should be addressed to Miss C rather than to old SoLt (Ms. Sweet). Ms. Sweet accepts no responsibility for Miss C's opinions.

Cuddlywumps Publishing

Cuddlywumps Publishing takes care of the business end of this blog and publishes a cozy mystery series called Miss Cuddlywumps Investigates, or MCI. In the series, Miss C lives with a woman named Rory Roberts in the small town of Brooksford, Maryland, where she solves local mysteries.

Book I: A Bump in the Road

Rory Roberts is happy with her quiet life. She’s single, forty-something, and lives in the sleepy town of Brooksford, MD, population 227, where the latest excitement is the debate over speed bumps. With a cozy cottage to call home and her lifelong best friend right next door, what more could she want or need?

Certainly not a cat.

But she becomes intrigued with the fluffy-tailed calico she meets at a neighbor’s house and agrees to take the cat home, just to see how it goes. In short order, the calico, whom she names Miss Cuddlywumps (a.k.a. Miss C), has taken over Rory’s life and Rory begins to fear she is becoming one of those “cat people.”

Miss C, though, is no average cat: She is a classically educated feline who can quote ancient texts and solve mysteries. When she witnesses the violent murder of a speed-bump advocate outside Rory’s front door, Miss C must use all of her education and wits to identify the killer before her new person becomes the next victim.

Book II: The Ides of October

Rory Roberts has problems. Her restless nights are filled with nightmares as she prepares to testify at the trial of the man who tried to murder her. She’s lost a good friend in her town’s mayor, who just happens to be married to that man who tried to murder her. Everyone seems to think she’s “getting friendly with the sheriff,” which is more fantasy than truth.

And now someone is sending letters threatening her and her cat.

U and ur dum cat better shut up or DIE!, the first letter reads. Rory wants to think it’s a joke, but her cat, a fluffy-tailed calico she calls Miss Cuddlywumps (a.k.a. Miss C), knows better. Fortunately for them both, Miss C is a classically educated feline who is also well versed in mysteries. Rory tries to play detective as the threats escalate, but once again, it is mostly up to Miss C to sort through the suspects and identify the one person with wicked intent … hopefully before anything truly devastating happens.

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Book III: Siren Song

 A joyous New Year’s Eve in Historic Brooksford, Maryland, ends in tragedy when fireworks give way to murder during the tiny town’s inaugural First Night celebration, and once again Rory Roberts and her cat are right at the center of it all. This time, though, Rory is more in the center than she’s ever been, as she finds herself caught between her new boyfriend (who happens to be the county sheriff) and the prime suspect (who happens to be her neighbor and lifelong best friend). She may not want to choose sides, but friendship trumps romance as Rory is so sure her nice-guy best buddy could not have committed such a vicious crime. But will her loyalty leave her on the wrong side—and alone?

Meanwhile, Rory’s fluffy-tailed calico, Miss Cuddlywumps, is loyal only to the truth and to crime solving. A classically educated feline who is also well versed in mysteries, Miss C considers the slate of rather obvious suspects while trying to lead Rory in the right direction—hardly an easy task. As the cat sees it, she has only to follow the clues and her instincts to identify the killer, but as she soon learns, sometimes instincts can be wrong.

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Book IV: Night of the Furies

The tiny village of Brooksford, Maryland, doesn’t seem to be the sort of place where everyone has a skeleton in their backyard, but that is almost exactly what is discovered when an archaeology project brings to light one set of remains after another. And these are not just any remains: they are bodies buried in a way that makes modern residents wonder—and fear—what happened to their ancestors two centuries ago. When the dig’s director is found dead—apparently murdered—more questions arise … such as, who hated him enough to plunge a trowel into his heart?

Rory Roberts and her cat, Miss Cuddlywumps (a.k.a. Miss C) are there once again to sort out the clues, this time with the help of an unwanted houseguest. As Rory bumbles about in her usual random way, Miss C puts her classical education to work to narrow down a list of suspects and systematically investigate them. Clearly, the modern murder is the work of a Fury, one of those horrible goddesses of the underworld who come to pursue the wicked. But which of the likely suspects was furious enough to be the guilty Fury? And what might the mysterious deaths in the town’s distant past mean for its future?


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