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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Selfie: Layla

For this week's Sunday Selfie, Layla the Resident Dog wanted to get in the picture, so she snapped this selfie while she was sitting on old SoLT's lap. In case you can't tell, Layla is not a lap dog--at least not in size. We told her that just this once she can be in the cat blog, because you would not believe how this dog can whine when she thinks she's being left out.

We enter this selfie in the Sunday Selfies blog hop hosted by our friends at The Cat on My Head, and we send them lots of purrs and prayers and barks of love. Our hearts are with you.


  1. For not being a cat, you did a FANTASTIC job, Layla :)

  2. We love doggies too, and we would love to hear you wine, Layla...MOL :D Excellent Selfie! Pawkisses for a Loving Day :) <3

  3. Well, now this is one odd looking cat *grin*

    Sorry Layla, only teasing!!!!!

  4. The things you have to put up with for your Sunday Selfies! MOL. Mind you, maybe she could get an honorary Cat in the lap badge for trying so hard? Great job Layla. purrs ERin

  5. Oh, she is lovely. And she's in good company. My little canines show up on this cat blog hop from time to time, too! They love kitties, and they hate to be left out.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie