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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our 12 Pivotal Posts of 2016: The Year in Our Rear-View

Rear-view mirror graphic

A lot has happened this year at The Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles. We’ve written 190 posts and counting. We reviewed almost 40 books. We’ve made a lot of new friends. We had our first giveaway. We started a publishing company… As I said, we did a lot.

Old SoLT wasn’t sure how we could possibly make sense out of just what happened in 2016, until I suggested we do a quick review to highlight our best and/or most memorable posts. Then she had to get all cute and change “review” to “rear-view.” Whatever. We hope you enjoy this brief trip down 2016’s memory lane.


Webster the cat on a desk
January: Webster went to work.
Hard to believe now, but in the early days of this blog, old SoLT did not include the Real Cats much. That changed in 2016, starting with “Webster the Office Cat Goes to Work.”


We started doing app reviews this year. The first one was for an app called Weather Cats. (BTW, if you want a really great cat weather app, try Weather Whiskers.)


June: We reviewed this
really fun book called
Breaking Cat News.
Toxoplasma gondii was big in the news in 2016, with click-bait headlines that blamed cats for all sorts of things. We covered this in  “Blaming Cats for Human Aggression.”


This year, we got serious about helping senior cats through adoption and/or sponsorship. Rikki’s Refuge wasn’t the first rescue we posted about, but it is one of our favorites.


We had great fun participating in the Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up in 2016, hosted by the Lazy Pit Bull. One of our favorites was this entry for May, featuring Real Cat Webster. I just love how old SoLT even managed to get her finger in the shot.


August: Webster revealed a new
word: pre-furred.
In 2016 we expanded our book-reviewing range to include subjects other than mysteries. The result? We got to review some really fun books like Breaking Cat News.


In July, we performed an important public service by offering “10 Cat Names from Greek Myth” to help those humans who can’t come up with a better cat name than “Kitty.”


September: Tortie Troublemaker
took on the Masked Avenger.
 This was a busy month, and it was hard to pick just one post to represent it. In the end, we went with Webster’s “Back to School Vocabulary Word: Pre-Furred.” (But “A Tribute to Jack, a Great Black Cat” was a very close second, so I am sneaking it in!)


We joined Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop in 2016, and we have had a lot of fun creating our own art and enjoying others’ creations. In September, Tortie Troublemaker made her first appearance.


October: Halloween!
We made more art in October, including this poster for Night of the Living Vacuum.


I enjoyed interviewing a few famous cats (and some humans, too) for my segment Miss Cuddlywumps Converses. One of my favorites was this chat with Oliver of the Oliver Poons Children’s Company.


Is it really December already? Well, one thing that happened this year is old SoLT and the other humans adopted Layla the dog. Layla even took over the blog one week for this Sunday Selfie.

And last...

To all of you who have read and commented on our posts and helped make 2016 such a memorable year...


  1. You had a most PAWESOME year! Here's to an even better 2017!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. You had a very busy year with lots of events to celebrate

  3. I have enjoyed your blog this year and look forward to posts in 2017! I think it is fantastic that SALT started a publishing company.

  4. What a great way to share a year-in-review