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Friday, December 16, 2016

App Review: Mimitos! Plus Friendly Fill-Ins

Mimitos screenshot. You can dress your cat in
different hats, shirts, and jackets.
They even have earrings.
So cute!

Mimitos review

Today’s app review would have come to you weeks ago, but old SoLT has been so busy playing the game, she hasn’t had time to help me write this post. Finally I have torn her away from it long enough to set down some of our thoughts on the app Mimitos.

The main game

Your task in Mimitos is to care for an adorable little cat. The game includes several rooms—kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room—and you move the cat from room to room to feed her, bathe her, have her take a nap, and so on. You can also change her outfit and buy new furniture and so on for the rooms.

The minigames

A hungry, slightly dirty cat is an unhappy cat.
Remember that!
 Obviously, buying stuff for this cat takes money, and you earn coins and bells by playing several minigames. There’s a bubble-bursting game, a pairs card-matching game, several racing-type games (running, jumping, traffic, space), smashing bugs, a slot machine, catch, avoiding obstacles… There’s one called “Stack,” where you catch plates that are being thrown at you, sort them into clean and dirty stacks, and avoid trash that is also being tossed at you. Old SoLT enjoys that one. She also enjoys the traffic game, though she keeps (accidentally) throwing the poor cat in front of a train.

Don’t forget the cat!

It’s easy to get so involved in playing these games that you forget about the cat. Don’t do this! If you forget her, she will become … unpleasant at best, and sick at worst.

As you play, your cat will get tired, hungry, and very, very dirty. You have to stop periodically to feed her, wash her (with a sponge!), and either let her take a nap or give her an energy potion. If you go too long without taking care of her, she will have flies buzzing around her, and she will wave her little arms in fury (she’s really cute but also slightly terrifying when she’s angry).

All nice and sparkly clean after a sponge bath!

But wait… There’s more!

Mimitos also has some features we haven’t even tried yet, like growing a garden and making friends. You can sell the produce from your garden to earn more coins. To use these features, you have to create an account, and old SoLT is suffering from “account fatigue” right now, so she’s avoiding this part of the game. You can have plenty of fun without creating an account, so don’t let that aspect put you off.

Our verdict

We've decorated the bedroom for Christmas and
dressed our cat in a festive holiday sweater.
In case you can’t tell, we love Mimitos. Love it. It’s fun, it’s cute, it’s got enough variety to keep you interested for a long time. Also, we like that the cat needs to nap after a while … reminding you to take a break from your device and, you know, go play with your real cat.

Mimitos is available from iTunes and Google Play. It's free to download if you get the version with ads. We gladly paid $1.99 to remove the ads. Given the time we’ve spent and the fun we’ve had playing Mimitos, the price is absolutely reasonable. You can also buy more coins to spend in the game, but so far we have not been even a little bit tempted to do that because we’re earning plenty just from playing the minigames. We’ve found this game to be a great value.

Highly recommended!

A note on the "Paws Up" system: Miss C gives either one or two paws up. One paw is for a good app; two paws is for a great app. She never gives three or four paws because that would require her to lie on her back...and Miss C does not do that!

Friendly Fill-Ins

And now to Friendly Fill-Ins. from 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader. They are a fun way to learn a little bit about the authors of the blogs you read. The first two questions, answered by old SoLT, are from Ellen of 15andmeowing, and the next two, answered by Real Cat Paisley, are from Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.

Old SoLT’s answers:
1. My favorite Christmas Song(s) is/are “O Holy Night,” but I could do without hearing _____________________ever again—well, I can’t really think of one I’d literally never want to hear again, though I am a little tired of “Jingle Bell Rock” right now.

2.My most meaningful Christmas ornament/decoration is a crushed red bell made from part of an egg carton, because I made it in school 40-odd years ago and it’s been on our tree every Christmas I remember. It’s not exactly “red” anymore, and it hasn’t actually looked like a bell for maybe a decade, but that doesn’t matter.

Real Cat Paisley’s answers:
3. My favourite holiday treat is a little piece of turkey, but I’ll take chicken if that’s all you’ve got.

4. A holiday tradition in my house is installing a tree for us cats to sleep under.


  1. Oooh! This looks like fun! Without any of the dangers of trying to dress a cat in real life :)

  2. Back in the day, one of the songs our high school band played in the Christmas parades was Jingle Bell Rock. Somehow, they also had the Meow Mix tune in the line up. Have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas.

  3. That sounds like a fun game except for it making people forget their real cats. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Your bell sounds very special. And how sweet that you get a tree for the kitties to sleep under :) Have a nice weekend!

  4. I think that it is great that you have an ornament that you made as a child. :) I agree with you; it is special no matter what it looks like at this point.

    O Holy Night is a beautiful song. :)

    Have a blessed weekend and a very Merry Christmas!

  5. No one sleeps under our tree, though they do like to undecorate it! *wink*