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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review: Music for Cats

Ever wondered what kind of music cats would listen to if only you’d let them work the radio dial? (And by the way, remember radio dials?) Well, composer David Teie did. In fact, Teie has a whole theory about how different animals can appreciate music. It all has to do with the sounds each animal would have heard when they were babies. For cats, that means purrs, suckling sounds, perhaps birds chirping… What Teie has done is take some of those sounds and add them to music. The result is the CD Music for Cats.

Relaxing, new-agey music

Music for Cats includes five tracks, each of which is an atmospheric, new-agey piece that old SoLT finds perfect for those times when she wants music on but doesn’t want to be distracted by it. It is great for reading or editing, she says. There’s a lot of cello, some harp. Also purring. Yes, it is rather wonderful.

But do the cats like it?

Old SoLT enjoys this CD, but that is sort of irrelevant, because after all it’s not for her—it’s for the cats. So the real question is, do the cats like it? And the answer is…

We’re not sure.

Have you ever tried to get a cat to listen to a CD? This is not an easy task. Especially when you’ve got this awesome CD but then realize you don’t actually have a CD player anymore. (Remember CD players? They have gone the way of radio dials, we guess.) Old SoLT realized she could play it on her computer, and Real Cat Paisley did come in for a short time. Here are Paisley’s remarks:

We’d like to play this music some more for the Real Cats before we give our final word, but early reviews are good. And again, old SoLT likes it a lot and finds it really relaxing. She may have been a cat in a previous life.

Music for Cats is available on CD and for streaming through Amazon (it's on Spotify too).

To learn more about Music for Cats, visit their website.

Amazon buy link: 

Music for Cats

(This is an Amazon Associates link. If you buy through this link, old SoLT and I could get some coin for our kibble account.)


  1. I'd never heard of this before! I'm going to check it out. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your input Paisley :) Cute video.