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Friday, July 15, 2016

10 Cat Names from Greek Myth: Gods and Goddesses

Because naming a cat is no easy thing (at least it shouldn’t be—and yes, I’m talking to all you people who name your cats "Kitty"), we are pleased to bring you the first in a series of cat names from Greek myth. Today’s post covers gods and goddesses. Many are obvious, but we hope there are one or two here that you haven’t thought of. Enjoy!


Hello, Hades?
1. Zeus: Head god in charge (sort of, and if you know anything about Greek myth, you know what I mean). Good name for the cat who is lord over all he surveys, except when he isn’t. Also for the cat who flings thunderbolts.
2. Hades: Lord of the Underworld. Maybe for a barn cat who’s a champion mouser. Or for any cat with an underworldy air about him.

3. Apollo: Associated with music, prophecy, and the sun. A name for the cat whose looks and stature just say “Greek god.” Especially appropriate if his hobbies are singing and napping in sun puddles.

Got a cat who hangs with horses?
Name him Poseidon. Most
people will be mystified.
4. Poseidon: God of the sea. Also associated with earthquakes and horses. For that rare cat who loves water and horses, or for the active cat who creates mini-earthquakes in your home.


5. Hera: Zeus’s main gal. For the cat with a jealous streak. Or for a cat who loves peacock feathers.

6. Demeter: Goddess associated with crops and fertility. For the cat who can’t get enough cat grass. Also, you could call her Demi for short.

7. Artemis: The hunter. For the cat who periodically gifts you with a little dead thing, or for the cat who’s great at “killing” catnip toys.

Clearly, this kitty loves crafts.
8. Athena: Goddess of warfare (especially defensive) and craftsmanship. For the cat who defends her spot atop the cat tree against all threats, foreign and domestic. Also for the cat who’s always creating messes out of your craft supplies.

9. Persephone: Queen of the Underworld. She’s also the daughter of Demeter. For an underworldy sort of cat who likes to slink among the shadows.

10. Hestia: Goddess of the hearth. For the cat whose hobby is sleeping in front of the fire. She’s the kind of cat who becomes the soul of your home.
The cat who lounges by the fire and is the soul
of your home.

Bonus content! Names for pairs of cats

Zeus/Hera: For your favorite male/female pair.
Hades/Persephone: For the male/female pair who’s got that underworldy thing going on.
Demeter/Persephone: For the mother/daughter pair.
Apollo/Artemis: For the brother/sister pair.

Photo credit: All images from Adobe Stock.

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