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Friday, August 10, 2018

Words with Webster: Henry’s Pocket, Plus Friendly Fill-Ins

We have two fun Friday features for you today. First up is Real Cat Webster, who has an “eary”  word to share. After that, it’s on to Friendly Fill-Ins!

Words with Webster


Hi, everybody! It’s me, Real Cat Webster. Welcome to Words with Me. Today’s word is “Henry’s pocket.” I picked this word because I just thought it was interesting. It is also not in the dictionary, which makes it kind of hard to find its origins or give examples.

But anyway, the important thing is that Henry’s pocket is that little pouchy thing on the bottom part of a cat’s outer ear. It’s also called the “cutaneous marginal pouch,” but “Henry’s pocket” is so much more fun to say. Some kinds of dogs and other animals have these little ear pouches too.

That little pouch at the bottom of this cat's ear is
Henry's pocket. No one knows quite what it's for.
Public domain image by Mattes, via Wikimedia Commons.
Humans like to name things, so they have named this little pouch, but none of them seem to know for sure what its function is. One possibility is that the pouch helps cats detect high-pitched sounds. No one seems to know why it’s called Henry’s pocket either. We have no idea who named it that or when. All in all, Henry’s pocket is kind of a mysterious thing.

One thing that is not so mysterious is that nasty little parasites like to hang out in Henry’s pocket, so you and your vet should keep an eye out for them!

Friendly Fill-InsFriendly Fill-Ins

And now it’s time for Friendly Fill-Ins, from 15andmeowing and The Four-Legged Furballs. Real Cat Paisley took on the first two this week, and old SoLT did the next two.

Real Cat Paisley’s answers:
1. I have faith in the Cat Food Gods because they eventually make sure I get some tasty food. Sometimes it takes a while, though. Please see my answer to #2 for an example.

2. Yesterday, I finally got some tasty food after several days of icky food. The gods must have slept through the first part of the week or something.

Old SoLT’s answers:
3. My favorite place to be is sort of theoretical because I almost never get to go there . . . but I love the beach.

4. If I was granted one wish, it would be to live closer to the shore so I could enjoy walking on the beach more often than once a decade.


  1. Replies
    1. Good question, I find those little pouches irrestible though my cats aren't always thrilled by the attention.

  2. Now that is a purrfect word of the day. Isn't it fun when something, like part of a kitty's ear, goes by such a fun term as "Henry's pocket"? And, thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins, Paisley and SoLT! The food gods sleep through their shifts for the kitties around here sometimes, too, and that's just bogus. Wishing you all a beautiful day!

  3. Yeah, we've wondering who Henry was, too. Our Mom has wondered a time or two about that ear thing. Thanks for filling us in. Great fill-ins this week, too!

  4. Ya know, this goes along with the English phrase, "Bob's Your Uncle!" Henry, Bob...who are these mystery men?
    Cool post...never knew it had a name, now I'll tell everyone...

    1. Bob's your uncle and he stuck the treat in Henrey's pocket. mol

  5. I like the sound of that.....Henry's Pocket.


  6. We live about 50 to 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. We never get there and don't enjoy going anyway. We often have red tides and other problems with the Gulf. Good luck with getting to your beach. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. What is it about the humans and their lack of understanding of the rules of cat feeding?! Believe it or not, we live on a huge lake that has sandy beaches. There is even a beach called Dog Beach and no, none of the Tribe has been there. We're waiting for Cat Beach!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  8. I had no idea it had a name! I'm so glad I never asked our vet if it was okay - because it looks so odd ... I already certainly made myself the laughingstock of the vet by asking if it was all at possible that my clipping Bear's claws hurt him. Okay okay ... I asked a couple years in a row at his yearly check up.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Henry's Pocket does sound better then the hard name that the humans came up with. Maybe we will know one day what they are for. Love the fill-in answers. We love going to the beach and relaxing. Have a wonderful weekend.
    World of Animals

  10. I've never heard that term before! Paisley, Mommy has been offering me some new foods lately that haven't passed muster either :(

  11. Thanks for the lesson, I had never heard of that before. And thank you both for participating ion the fill-ins, great answers. I am glad you finally got some good food Paisley. And I hope SALT gets to the beach more often. Have a nice weekend! XO

  12. That’s a really cool name, and far nicer than the medical version. Me thinks Henry didn’t get very much in the way of pocket money, or maybe didn’t spend much either, a Scrooge maybe? Mol
    Toodle pips and purrs