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Friday, July 8, 2016

Pet Blogger Bloopers Roundup: July

Hello, friends. It's time again for the Pet Blogger Bloopers Roundup--and can you believe it's July already? This is a blog hop hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull, and we're having a lot of fun participating, joining other bloggers on the second Friday of every month to post the results of photo shoots gone wrong. Fortunately, She of Little Talent takes lots of bad photos.

Naturally, old SoLT wanted to do something special for the Fourth of July this year, so she decided to put patriotic scarves and bows on the pets. Adorable, right? Well, mercifully she did not go overboard, so the Real Cats and Resident Dog did not get overdecorated. Even more amazingly, she got decent photos pretty quickly. That means we don't have tons of hilarious bloopers to share. Still and all, it's not easy to get a good picture of Paisley. As evidence, I offer these:

This one isn't bad, but wouldn't it be nice if Paisley's
whole head had made the shot?

And Paisley has a habit of moving at just the wrong time,
so old SoLT does get a lot of blurry photos.

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