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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Webster the Office Cat Goes to Work

The Real Cats

What's an office without a cat? A bleak and lonely little room, that's what. She of Little Talent insists that an office without a cat is also much more productive and efficient than an office with a cat. But what does she know?

Anyway, we are being visited today by Webster the Real Cat, here to share some tips on how office cats everywhere can organize their workday to avoid becoming overworked and overstressed.

Upon arriving at work in the morning, flop down right in
the middle of the desk. This will please your employer
immensely. If the boss whines about "I can't get to any
of my stuff," just go to sleep.
At some point, you might have to do some actual work. Here,
Webster demonstrates the proper form for helping your
employer research something in a book. Notice his position.
Again, he's placed himself right in the middle of the desk,
giving his employer a chance to stretch to see the book, thus
helping her relieve the physical tedium of deskwork.

Obviously, you'll need a little nap after that bout of exertion.
Here Webster demonstrates perfect napping procedure.
He is lying on the boss's cell phone, the papers she needs to
write  on,  and the pen she needs to write with.
Nicely done, Webster!

Most important, when your shift ends, just leave. You'll earn
bonus points if you can scatter some papers as you jump off
the desk.

For further office-cat tips, see Paisley's Ergonomically Correct Day at the Office.

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