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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tired of Football? Check Out Some Athletic Cats!

Human sports make us so sleepy...
Photo © Eei_tony | Dreamstime.com
Two Cute Kittens With Toys Photo
If you are unfortunate enough to be a fan of a football team that has already been knocked out of the playoffs, you may be wondering where you can turn to satisfy your craving for amazing feats of athleticism (assuming you’re not excited about watching your football enemies progress toward that big game at the end). Well, I know exactly what you need, and that is a good dose of feline athletic prowess, or as some call it, cat-hleticism. For example:

  • Admire pure speed and leaping ability? The Egyptian Mau can run up to 30 miles per hour and can easily jump from the floor to your shoulder.
  • Need more maneuverability? The Manx can zip through sharp turns and stop on a dime.
  • Looking for endurance? The Bengal can go and go and go and go…

Meow Mix is honoring the year's most incredible displays of feline physical prowess—and all the irresistible moments that make the cat-human bond unique—in their first ever Cat's Meow Awards.  Over 25,000 cat lovers submitted their remarkably talented kitties for an award, and though the contest was close, the voting committee of Meow Mix fans ultimately crowned a winner for Best Cat-hlete (as well as the other awards cat-egories, Best Cat Cuddle and Wild Cat Card).

Check out the Cat's Meow Awards clip recognizing some of the Internet's greatest four-legged athletes:

Wasn’t that amazing? Really, who needs football when you’ve got a cat? That’s exactly why Meow Mix created the Cat's Meow Awards—to help humans appreciate all the little ways cats make life GREAT.

If you've got a cat worth showing off (and really, who doesn't?) submit your own irresistible cat moment at irresistiblemoments.com and get a FREE bag of Meow Mix Irresistibles treats, created to make kitty-human bonding time even more delicious.  With real meat, a wide variety of flavors, and both soft and crunchy textures, there's no telling how quickly your cat will sprint, jump, or pounce to get one.

 And don't forget to check back soon to find out the winner of the third Cat's Meow Awards cat-egory: Wild Cat Card!

This is a sponsored post.

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