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Friday, April 27, 2018

April Bloopers, Plus Friendly Fill-Ins and an Announcement

We have two fun Friday features for you today--well, three really. First up is a pair of April bloopers featuring Real Cat Paisley. Old SoLT was trying to get some cute photos of Paisley playing with her catnip snake from Purrfect Play (not an affiliate link; we just like them!). What she got instead was a small collection of blurry tortie shots, complete with a heap of dog toys in the background:

Blurry tortie action with Real Cat Paisley

More blurry tortie action with Real Cat Paisley

And speaking of photo ops that didn't quite work out, we are proud to announce the new Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop! Get your not-quite-right pet photos ready to share, and join us for some fun. All pets are welcome. We would love to see a blurry photo of a chameleon. Or a goat. Or a chameleon sitting on a goat. Whatever--just keep it G-rated, please.


This hop will take place on the final Friday of every month, beginning in May. The dates for the remainder of 2018 are as follows:

May 25
June 29
July 27
August 31
September 28
October 26
November 30
December 28

We hope to see you there!

Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop

Friendly Fill-Ins

Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop
And now it’s time for Friendly Fill-Ins, from 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader. They are a fun way to learn a little bit about the authors of the blogs you read. The first two questions, answered by old SoLT this week, are from Ellen of 15andmeowing, and the next two, answered by Real Cat Paisley, are from Annie of McGuffy’s Reader.

Old SoLT’s answers:
1. I could really use a couple more hours in the day. There’s so much to do!

2. The Chesapeake BayFoundation is a charity that I like to support. They work to improve the health of the Bay by reducing pollution.

Real Cat Paisley’s answers:
3. One time, I broke a little shelf that had an ivy plant on it, and boy did it make a mess when it hit the wall and the floor and everything!

4. I wish that I had gotten more pictures taken of me when I was young. Mommy only has two baby pictures of me that came from my foster mom. I was really cute! (She’d show them to you, but she can’t remember exactly where they are.)


  1. We're marking our calendars for the hop! We always have blurry tortie shots on hand ;) Paisley, tell your mom to find those baby photos of you STAT! I would give anything to have a baby picture of Mudpie :(

  2. The hop sounds like fun. I am always looking through my Eric and Flynn photos but didn't keep many that weren't right. If I come across any bloopers I will keep them for the hop. I am so glad for digital cameras which means I have hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos to remember my boys by.

  3. guyz.....thatz all de fotoz de food servizz gurl ever takez round TT; blooperz !! de hop soundz
    awesum ~~~~~~ and heerz two a grate week oh end ☺☺ ♥♥

  4. Please remind us again, about this hop... Sounds fun!
    I have precious few photos of Angel and Chuck as babies; didn't have a good camera back then and had to borrow one from the office!

  5. I am so glad you decided to do the blooper hop. I love the badge for it too.
    Thank you both for these great fill-in answers. I am sorry there are not more baby photos of you too.I had the same answer for #1 :) Have a nice weekend! XO

  6. Paisley is getting us warmed up for the new blog hop! :)

  7. Pretty brilliant idea for a blog hop. With cats, MOST of the pictures we take ARE bloopers! You're tortilicious, Paisley! I don't have any kitten pictures of Bear (I found him on the street at 8 months old) or Ellie (6 years old when we found her) - I really wish I did!

  8. thanks sooo much for posting the dates of the Blog Hop. I wrote them on my blogging calendar and I should be able to participate in most of them.....(God knows I have enough photo fails!!) catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. There are no kitten pics of me either but I was about 7 months when I came here. I think I'm gonna follow Caren's lead and write the date in my planner.

  10. MOL - we has lotsa photo fails, so we can definitely participate!

  11. Boy are you right about the kitten baby pictures. What is it about the humans that they never seen to take enough photos when we are adorably little?
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  12. Pictures of yourself when you were younger would be great. We don't know if there are any of me before my mommy got me at the shelter. They did take a picture of me the day I was adopted. There are few pictures of my mommy since she does not like to have her picture taken. Have a great weekend.