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Monday, April 23, 2018

Meow Like Shakespeare Day

Today, in honor of Meow Like Shakespeare Day (or Talk Like Shakespeare Day, as some people call it), we have the following dramatic reenactment presented by the Real Cats:

Hmm ... not sure what play that is from. Macbeth, maybe?

Anyway, this moment of culture has been brought to you by The Real Cats Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Want to make your own Shakespearean insults? Try the Shakespeare Insult Kit.


  1. A verily good reenactment you doth perform.

  2. guyz.....we dunno if we can tranz late trout inta shakespeare.. but never
    de less.... this iz hill larry uz !!!!! we iz crackin up !! :) ♥♥

  3. Those two do Shakespeare quite well! :)

  4. MOL ! We didn't know Shakespeare was so much fun ! Purrs

  5. I had o idea there was a day for this :)

  6. Even better than Shakespeare! Love the picture ... we get some of those kind of pictures around here too!