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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Secret Paws Unboxing Party

The Real Cats were so excited last week when their Secret Paws package arrived! It came all the way from Montana, and it’s from the Farm Cats—Stinky, Pumpkin, Harry, and Sherpa—and their person, Patty. We never met them before, so we were pretty excited to learn about them. They live on a farm (obviously), and their house is a yurt, which old SoLT thinks is just so neat. She used to dream of living in a yurt on a farm. You can find Patty and the Farm Cats blogging at Broken Teepee.

On to the presents! As you can see, Real Cat Webster was interested in the box right away.

Real Cat Webster is excited to open the Secret Paws package

 Real Cat Paisley didn’t really get interested until the box got opened up. It was really packed with goodies!

Real Cat Paisley inspects the contents of the Secret Paws package

Amid all the excitement, Webster took a moment to pose with the card Patty and the cats sent, as well as these really cool feathers.

Real Cat Webster with the feathers & card from Patty and the Farm Cats

Then they got all the presents out. Old SoLT wanted to take a nice picture of all the wrapped presents together, but Paisley couldn’t wait. As you can see, Webster was a perfect gentleman.

Real Cats Paisley & Webster check out their Secret Paws presents

One of the presents was a package of little mouses. The unboxing had to stop for a moment so each cat could get a mouse and play with it. Paisley ran away with hers!

And then came the catnip kickers, which smelled so alluring and were really pretty. Everything had to stop again while the cats got acquainted with their kickers. There was even a small, um, disagreement over who was going to play with which kicker, but old SoLT failed to get that on film. It’s not really Christmas until there’s a fight over presents, we guess.

Did you see that big tub of Temptations? The Real Cats are very happy to have that!

Old SoLT got presents too. She got two handmade goat’s milk soaps from Happy Goats Soap. The cat is cucumber-melon scented, and the mouse is carnation scented. This is perfect, because she loves a good soap, and she’s already using the mouse soap in her bathroom.

Happy Goats Soap--cat, cucumber-melon scented

Happy Goats Soap--mouse, carnation scented

Many, many thanks to Patty and the Farm Cats for the wonderful presents—they are just perfect! And we’d like to thank Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections for doing the hard work of organizing Secret Paws. This is our first Secret Paws, and we’ve had so much fun we can hardly wait until next year!


  1. you got some super pawesome stuff and my Mom is dying for that soap! Love, Cody catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. Wow, quite the haul of good things!

  3. Those are great gifts, that soap looks really cool too.

  4. WoW! What great stuff! My Mom thinks the soap is pretty cool, but I am all over those kickers!
    And they live in a Yurt in Montana!
    How cool is that!

  5. The Farm cats are very happy that you like all of the presents that they picked out for you. Truth be told they are some of their favorite things too - especially Temptations. All of us here in the yurt wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

  6. What a great collection of gifts, and something for everyone!!