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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Our 5 Favorite Cat Cozy Mysteries of 2017

Mysterious Monday

This post contains affiliate links. And yes, we know it's not Monday, but just bear with us, because we don't have a graphic for "Mysterious Wednesday."

It’s that time of year again … time for us to look back over the books we’ve reviewed this year and choose our five favorites. “Our 5 Favorites” is always one of the most fun posts we write all year (we do enjoy taking time to remember the excellent books we’ve read), and also one of the most difficult (how can we choose just five favorites?). We want to be clear that there are many cat cozy mysteries that we did not even get a chance to read. So the following list is pulled only from the books we actually read. Each of the books we've chosen is well written, with fascinating characters, a great setting, a perplexing mystery, and of course, a terrific cat. 

And now, in no particular order, here are our five favorites. We highly recommend that you give these a try if you haven’t already!

Body on Baker Street, by Vicki Delany (Sherlock Holmes Bookshop series)

Sherlock Holmes Bookshop owner Gemma Doyle gets pulled into another mystery when a best-selling author drops dead in the store and the main suspect asks Gemma to help clear his name. The cat is a black fellow named Moriarty who likes practically everyone he meets--except Gemma. Read our review!

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Murder Go Round, by Carol J. Perry (Witch City series)

In Salem, Massachusetts, Lee Barrett wins an abandoned storage locker in an auction, and the contents of it—an old carousel horse, a samovar, and a cuckoo clock—seem to have something to do with a murder. The cat is O’Ryan, a yellow-striped fellow who helps with the mystery by providing clues. Read our review!

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Haunted Is Always in Fashion, by Rose Pressey (Haunted Vintage series)

Vintage-fashion expert Cookie Chanel solves a murder with the help of the victim’s ghost and Wind Song, a cat who uses a Ouija board to communicate. Read our review!

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Cat Got Your Secrets, by Julie Chase (Kitty Couture series)

New Orleans pet boutique owner Lacy Crocker tries to clear her father of suspicion of murder. This is such a fun series! The main cat is named Penny; she rides around the boutique on a Roomba. Read our review!

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Familiar Motives, by Delia James (Witch’s Cat series)

Annabelle Britton is an apprentice witch in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, who gets caught up in solving the murder of a local vet and the disappearance of a celebrity cat. The main cat is Alistair, Anna’s familiar, who is integral to the plot. Also, he can vanish into thin air. Read our review

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  1. I enjoyed the Haunted one. I will have to check out the rest. My favorite cat mystery this year was your first Cuddlywump's book. My mom is getting me more of them for Christmas, I can't wait :)

  2. Think I'd better ask the local public library librarian to make sure they stock up on all of these series!

  3. We've read every one but the Vintage Fashion mystery and totally agree with your list! I need to put together my list, which I started a couple months ago, and have since lost :( Oh well...like you said, it makes a good excuse to revisit all the books we've enjoyed through the year!

  4. We have only read one of these books and loved it! I shall have to see if I can find any of these
    Marv and Mom

  5. Sounds like some good choices to get us through these long winter days!