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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Remember Me Thursday

We are taking a moment today to light a candle and join in on the Remember Me Thursday movement, spending some time remembering the rescue pets who have touched our lives, as well as those who are in shelters waiting for their chance to become someone’s beloved pet.

#RemembertheRescue #RememberMeThursday

First, our candle burns for those rescue pets we fondly remember from the past:
Penny, Robin, Dodger, Darya, Steva, Bucky, Shannan, Tyler, CJ, and Jack

Next, our candle burns for those currently adding so much joy and love to our lives:
Webster, Paisley, and Layla

Finally, our candle burns for the millions of animals in shelters, and especially for those older animals who have known love and companionship and lost it through no fault of their own. Too many of these beautiful animals land in kill shelters where their precious lives are in jeopardy. To help them, first we must remember them. Then, we must remember that we are not powerless. Each of us can adopt, or sponsor an adoption; we can donate our time and/or resources to a shelter; we can spread the word on social media about adoptable animals. If we each did something, no matter how small, imagine what a difference we would make in the lives of those animals!

Our “thing” here at Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles is to spread the word about adoptable mature and senior cats in our area. So, today we are sharing some recent Cats of the Week who are still waiting for their forever homes:

 Chloe is a great girl who is looking for a conversation partner. We understand she can talk about anything!

Maggie is a little shy. She lived in one home for 10 years, so the shelter environment has been difficult for her. She would probably do best as an only cat.

Star is another talkative lady who is also quite affectionate. We think she has the prettiest face!

Adopt Scamp!

And finally, Scamp is our Cat of the Week this week. He will make a wonderful companion to someone, we just know it.

All of these cats, and many others, are adoptable through the Baltimore Humane Society.

Finally, join us today in remembering shelter animals who are waiting for our help. Follow #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday on social media. Together, we can make a difference in their lives.

Remember the Rescue, Remember Me Thursday


  1. So sad to think of the animals who've died in shelters.
    Spay and Neuter! Adopt, don't shop!

  2. Damn, I can't handle this stuff w/o getting weepy.

    Here's to The Gef & Zack & Trouble who left me last year.

    Here's to Beast, Snowdrop, Company, Sheffiel, Blink, Tippie, Mr. Kitty, Muffin, Patches & Big Boy (formerly Moe) who will greet me when I get home today.

  3. Thank you for this FABULOUS post! I love that you included animals who need homes. Just wonderful! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. Seeing cats in shelters makes me angry. Most do not need to be there. Human stupidity and negligence put them there. Ignorance about neutering, that cat is for a lifetime. We will get even, for every cat lost.

  5. It devastates me to consider so many forgotten lives – so many kitties and doggies who never know love. Humanity fails these beautiful souls time and time again. It makes me angry ... then sad ... then angry ... grrr. LIVES AREN'T DISPOSABLE!!!

  6. They are all so beautiful! If I walked into that shelter, I would want to take them all. Hopefully others do walk in there and feel the same. We pray they all find homes, and that every time we write or share about this, it helps.

  7. Today is such an important day. The world needs to understand that adoption is the only option.

  8. VIP—very important post. I pray that every cat will someday have a home.

  9. I wish every pet could have a forever home.Thank you for the kind words you left for me on the loss of Phoebe.