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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Caturday Art: Paisley and the Eclipse

This week's Caturday Art was inspired by the Great American Eclipse that happened a couple weeks ago. Old SoLT had used a colander to see if the little bits of light coming through the holes would really be crescent-shaped (answer: yes!). While she was doing this, Real Cat Paisley got interested in  chasing the shadow on the floor. The photo old SoLT got looks like Paisley is observing the eclipse:

Real Cat Paisley and the Eclipse_spacey_2017

This used the Space effect in Lunapic, followed by the Glowing Edges filter in Photoshop, and then a Polaroid frame from PicMonkey.

And here's the original:

Real Cat Paisley observes the Great American Eclipse 2017

We are pleased to be joining the Caturday Art blog hop, hosted by Athena and Marie.

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  1. That is a really cool image. I love the Space filter, and it's the perfect one for anneclipse picture. Seeing the crescents was one of the coolest things about the eclipse. Yael from PlayingInCatnip.com

  2. Very cool! That was the perfect shot to use with the Space effect!

  3. My sistur, Zoe, figured out that no one could leave purrs and meows on our latest post, because our spam-bot zapper was wurking overtime and said everyone was a bot. We couldn't even get in. So we watched, and we crept, and we pounced, and we ate it. Anyone can purr to us now after checking a little box. 😻
    Raja and Zoe From PlayingInCatnip.com

  4. That came out great, I would get that put on a canvas if I were you.

  5. That is such a fun edit and a great original as well.

  6. That is a great effect for a once in a lifetime photo.

  7. That's fabulous! It looks like Paisley is watching a flying saucer MOL