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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cat’s Got Nothing to Do Café: Our Foreign Correspondent Reports In

Today we are again grateful to old SoLT’s friend and our foreign correspondent, Joseph, who was recently traveling in Taiwan and Japan and was kind enough to share some cat-related pictures with us for our blog. The picture we’re leading with today is, I think, my favorite so far, and it does not even have a cat in it. It is a sign for a café called Cat’s Got Nothing to Do Café. No, it’s not a cat café, it’s just a people café. There’s a cat in its name because of where it is, a tea growing region called Maokong (猫空), which translates to “cat empty” (according to Google Translate).

Sign for Cat's Got Nothing to Do Cafe, Maokong, Taiwan

Just in case you’re headed to Taiwan, Cat’s Got Nothing to Do Café is in the Wenshan District. You get to the café by gondola. From the Yelp reviews, we have deduced that the coffee is just okay, but the views are great. The café offers outside dining only, so if the weather is bad, it will be closed. 

Our foreign correspondent also visited Tokyo, and specifically the district of Akihabara, which is known for its many electronics shops. There is an actual cat café in Akihabara, but our correspondent preferred to look at electronics and such things rather than seek out a cat café (I know; it doesn’t make sense to me either!). There were a few cat-related things though.

First up is the Y!Mobile cat. We have been unable to determine what this cat's name is (if you happen to know, please tell us in the comments), but he is sort of a spokescat for the mobile company. To see more of the Y!Mobile cat, check out this commercial.

Y Mobile Cat wheel-of-fortune game

Next, if you look to the far left on this wall of masks, you will see a couple of cats that we think are pretty neat:


And finally, this has nothing to do with cats, but it tickles me. Apparently, you are not allowed to bring your elephant here:

No elephants sign_Tokyo, Japan

To see more photos from our foreign correspondent, check out the post "Majimeow: Etiquette Mascot of the Taipei Subway System."


  1. Well of course, you're not supposed to bring your elephant there! What's wrong with you?!?
    LOL! Now I am curious as to why Maokong was named for no cats!

  2. I can't even fathom missing an opportunity to visit a cat cafe!!! That Y!Mobile cat sort of resembles Grumpy Cat!

  3. Well, we also don't know why Joseph wouldn't choose to visit the cat cafe, but at least he found some other cool cat stuff - love the masks!