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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Majimeow: Etiquette Mascot of the Taipei Metro System

Cats could teach humans a lot, if humans would only pay attention. For example, cats know a lot about etiquette. That’s probably why the metro in Taipei, Taiwan, uses a cute cat named Majimeow as the face of a campaign to promote civil behavior in stations and on trains.

Majimeow--wear a mask if you're sick
Wear a mask if you're sick, Majimeow reminds riders in this message.

Majimeow is a white cat with a large, round head. She appears on a series of posters in which she is the victim of others’ thoughtlessness. Majimeow often has a cloud over her head, the result of frustration with her fellow commuters’ behavior. Sometimes tears pour down her face as a result of their rudeness. Commuters are reminded of things like
Majimeow--Move your stuff so others can sit
Move your stuff so others can sit, or else you'll
make the kitty cry.
  • do not block the doors,
  • do not take up an extra seat with your stuff,
  • keep your voice down, and
  • wear a mask if you’re sick.

Maybe if everyone imagines their fellow commuters as cute cats, it will be easier to be considerate of them. You don’t want to make the kitty cry, do you?

We are fortunate that old SoLT’s friend Joseph was in Taipei recently, and he sent us the photos for this post. Thanks, Joseph!

Scroll down to see them all.

Majimeow--let others off first
Let others off the train before you
get on.

Majimeow--move to the center
Don't block the doors! Move to the center
so others can get on the train.

Majimeow--keep your voice down
Shh! Keep your volume down.

Majimeow--remove your backpack please
Don't stick your backpack in others' faces.


  1. Hope this civility campaign is successful! Cutie kitty cartoon!

  2. Those are so cute, we need them in the USA :)

  3. I love that they use a cat for this, surely no one does want to make a cat cry! :)