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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Selfies: Meet the Flat Cats

Today we join the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by The Cat on My Head, with a few selfies of Flat Webster and Flat Paisley, taken as they prepare for BlogPaws.

First up is the Flat Cats together, complete with their fancy hats:

Flat Webster and Flat Paisley, ready for BlogPaws!

She of Little Talent thought it would be cute to introduce the Real Cats to their flat counterparts. When Real Cat Webster met Flat Cat Webster, it was cute:

Flat Webster with Real Cat Webster

WARNING: Graphic content below!

But when she introduced the two Paisleys, this happened:

Real Cat Paisley knocks over Flat Paisley

Poor Flat Cat Paisley. She looks terrified.

Then this happened:

Real Cat Paisley attacks Flat Paisley

Oh well. Paisley never has been good at making friends with other animals, especially if they have little feathers on their heads.

And last, if you happen to be at BlogPaws and you're looking for old SoLT, we prepared the following visual aid. Old SoLT will be wearing one of the following shirts most of the time:

She of Little Talent models her BlogPaws wardrobe

And if you like these shirts, the "Keep Calm and Read Cat Cozies" and "Got Tortitude?" designs are available from our Zazzle shop. "Got Tortitude?" is also available in a women's style.

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  1. We love your flats and purr you have a great time at Blog Paws. Paisley you need to be gentle when meeting new kitties.
    Timmy and Family

  2. Wow, that was quite a reaction! I wasn't quite that bad when I met my blog paws double V 0.5 otherwise known as 'ER' but then she wasn't flat, more chubby, something I am definitely NOT. MOL!
    Lovely selfies though, bar the graphic bits!

  3. Your flats are so cute and stylish too! I wish I were going to BlogPaws so I could meet them and SALT.

  4. Great T-Shirts!

    Hope you have a wonderful time at BlogPaws :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. Very cute flatties, but they must be scary sometimes­čś╣Pawkisses for a Happy Mother's Day­čśś❤­čś╗

  6. You guys are going to be the cutest flat cats there!!! I hope you have a pawsome time and we can't wait to hear all about it. Happy Mother's Day to one of our very favorite cat moms!

  7. Webster & Paisley you are too cutee! :)

  8. You don't like flat 'you' do you?? Oh my!!

    Have a great time at BlogPaws!!

    Happy Mother's Day and Sunday Selfie

  9. Oh, my! Looks like someone isn't interested in a body double! Hope you have the MOST fantastic time at BlogPaws. Take lots of photos!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  10. We sort of think we would react the same way Paisley did IF Mommy made flat cats. But both the flat cats were adorable with their hats.

  11. great job with them. i hope you have a wonderful time at BP!