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Thursday, May 18, 2017

3 Podcasts for Cat Lovers

These podcasts are purrfect for cat lovers!

We’ve been hearing a lot about podcasts lately, and there is good reason for that. Podcasts educate and entertain, they’re great for listening during a workout or commute, and there’s one for just about every subject you can possibly think of. That means there are podcasts about cats: Best. Subject. Ever.

We have found three cat podcasts that we think are really worth a listen. As you’ll see (and hopefully hear), this is a diverse group of shows, proving that people could talk about cats forever. We present them in no particular order.

1. The Community Cats Podcast

Interested in helping community cats in your neighborhood, or just interested in cats in general? Got about half an hour? Then the Community Cats Podcast could be for you. She of Little Talent likes to listen to this podcast while she’s on the treadmill during her lunchtime. Our favorite episode so far (and we have not even come close to hearing them all yet!) is the interview with Jackson Galaxy. We learned so much about him!

Cats Wallpaper_Adobe Stock
Learn about all different kinds of cats and cat topics
by listening to podcasts.
Image: Adobe Stock.
Host Stacy LeBaron tells us that she started The Community Cats Podcast to provide mentoring to a ready audience:

“Over 5 years I had worked with over 80 groups on setting up and funding community cats programs, but my waiting list was over 400 groups.  So I wanted to be able to help others even if I couldn't mentor them one on one.  I listened to many podcasts, but I never really could find one that served this group. So I started one up!”

They also have an excellent website where you can find episodes of the podcast, blog posts, and even “listening modules” of episodes grouped by topic (kittens, behavior, compassion & self-help, and more). Unless you are some kind of super-expert in everything, you are sure to learn something from every episode.

Find The Community Cats Podcast here.

2. Cattitude 

Cattitude, from Pet Life Radio, is always an interesting listen. In the earlier episodes, host Tom Dock covers a specific cat breed, including the breed's history and characteristics, as well as things like cat news and veterinary news. Other topics include declawing, rabies, and more. More recently, starting with episode 24, Michelle Fern has taken over hosting duties. It looks as though she's set to take the show in a slightly different direction, welcoming guests to be interviewed and making the topics a bit more wide-ranging--still totally focused on cats though!

Most episodes are about 30 minutes long, so they’re perfect for the half-hour commute or treadmill workout. Again, you will learn a lot from listening to this podcast.

Find Cattitude here.
Woman on bus with smartphone
There are lots of places where you can listen to a
podcast: during your commute, during a workout,
in boring meetings at work. Okay, that last one is  probably
not a good idea. Point is, you can fit a podcast into your schedule.
Image: Adobe Stock.

3. The Purrrcast

This is a Los Angeles–based podcast hosted by Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris. Cat people love to talk about their cats, and The Purrrcast (3 r’s) is basically people doing just that. Hear guests talk about how they got their cats, their cats’ habits and quirks, feeding their cats, their cats’ litterbox habits…. It’s not cat experts imparting expert information; it’s just cat lovers having the kind of conversation we can all relate to. Old SoLT finds this podcast very comfortable and comforting, relatable and relaxing. She likes to listen to it around bedtime because it helps her relax and get ready to go to sleep.

Be aware that this is not a G-rated podcast, and there is the occasional four-letter word. Okay, sometimes more than occasional. Episodes typically run from roughly 60 to 90 minutes. If you're a super-commuter, The Purrcast just might help you remain calm during rush hour.

Find The Purrrcast here and visit them on Facebook.


  1. I keep saying I'm going to get into pod casts, but I never do.

  2. I definitely need to get into these. I also have been telling myself that I would get into pod casts...

  3. Thanks for telling us about these, I am going to check out #'s 1 and 3 :)