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Friday, March 24, 2017

Cat Breeds Coloring Book Review, Plus Friendly Fill-Ins

We bring you two fun features this Friday. First up is a quick review of a brand-new cat coloring book. This is followed by Friendly Fill-Ins.

Cat Breeds Coloring Book One

Cat Breeds Coloring Book One, by L.A. Vocelle

When I first heard of this coloring book several weeks ago, I thought, “Well, okay, but that doesn’t sound like as much fun as the coloring books with crazy, artsy designs. How interesting could this book possibly be?”

That, as it turns out, was a stupid question, because this coloring book was created by L. A. Vocelle, whom many of you probably know from her excellent site, The Great Cat. She is also responsible for two previous coloring books (Ancient Egyptian Cats and Medieval Cats) and a history of cats, Revered and Reviled. So if you get this book, you are in for a treat, and you will maybe accidentally learn some things as you color.

This book includes 21 breeds, arranged alphabetically. Each breed is shown in two pictures: the first is a close-up of the cat’s head, accompanied by a short note about the breed’s origins; the second shows the cat against a backdrop appropriate to its origins. The Abyssinian is shown in front of an archaeological find in Ethiopia, for example. Each of these larger pictures includes a fact about the breed or the illustration. The pictures vary in their complexity, so we think there will be something here for everyone.
Abyssinian cat picture from Cat Breeds Coloring Book One
Old SoLT works on the Abyssinian.

Abyssinian cat picture from Cat Breeds Coloring Book One
The finished product, complete with
fancifully colored archaeological
Old SoLT got her pencils out at the first opportunity and started coloring the Abyssinian. It was great fun. She got a little fanciful on the archaeological background, but she tried to make the cat look something like the real thing.

We wholeheartedly recommend Cat Breeds Coloring Book One! It is fun and educational, and when you finish coloring its pages, you will have quite a nice little reference to 21 cat breeds.

The link below is an Amazon Associates link. If you purchase the book through this link, old SoLT and I could get some coin for our kibble account. Thank you!

Friendly Fill-Ins

Friendly Fill-Ins badge
And now to Friendly Fill-Ins, from 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader. They are a fun way to learn a little bit about the authors of the blogs you read. The first two questions, answered by Real Cat Paisley this week,  are from Ellen of 15andmeowing, and the next two, answered by old SoLT, are from Annie of McGuffy’s Reader. 

Real Cat Paisley's answers:
1. In the Spring, I look forward to when sometimes the people open a window and I can smell the outdoors. It is so interesting!

2. I would love to have any kind of party. I’ve never even had a birthday party. Can you imagine?

Old SoLT's answers:
3. Few know this about me, but when I was 8 or 9, I had a pet marble. I guess pet rocks were popular then—not sure how I ended up with a marble though. Anyway, I think his name was Fred. He was a pretty sky-blue color, and I kept him in a little box.

4. No one should go through life without climbing a tree at least once. As a child, I spent many a fine hour up a tree with a book. Good times.


  1. As Midnight used to say, "Niiicccee".

  2. That is an interesting Coloring book! Our Mom said she could not climb the trees where she grew up because they were very tall and very big around, so they played on the house roof. Till they got caught!

  3. Now that coloring book looks super interesting! You never had a birthday party? Wait, what??? Seriously? That's awful! I laughed at your marble being a "pet"....that's because you have a creative mind! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. I've had birthday parties (but not recently). Paisley has never had a party--but I'm pretty sure she'd hate a party anyway, so I'm not sure what she's complaining about!!

  4. Hey, that's a coloring book we bet our Dad would like! Thanks for the tip. Great fill-ins! We think having a marble as a pet is awesome.

  5. That looks like a fun coloring book, if I didn't already have 4 other ones I would get it. Thank you both for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Poor Paisley, I hope you get a birthday party for your next birthday And to SALT, how cute that you had a pet marble. I had a pet rock, it could go on a necklace and I lost it. Have a great weekend!

  6. I have a bunch of cat coloring books but not that one...thanks for the heads up! You're a great colorist too! Would you believe I've never climbed a tree? I think I'm too afraid of heights to do so at this point too :(

    1. Maybe you could find a really short tree?

  7. That coloring book sure looks like fun! Nice job on the finished product!

    Oh yes, that's one of my favorite things to do is open windows in the spring - and I'm here to tell you, my cats sure love it when I do!

    You definitely need a party, Real Cat Paisley! You better start nagging your two-legger to throw you one. ;)

    That's funny you had a pet marble instead of a pet rock - that would actually be much cooler. ;)

    YES! I spent many hours up in a tree with a book! Definitely everyone should climb a tree at least once!

  8. I think tree climbing can be fun. I don't remember if I ever actually climbed one, though. I did climb a tower once. It was a definite no-no, but no one was around to stop me. It was great!

    I would like to be able to open the windows, too, but with cigarette smoke out there and mosquitoes and mosquito sprayers going on, it just isn't ever going to happen around here. When I was a kid, we always had the windows open when the weather permitted. It was great.

    Have a blessed weekend. :)

    1. A roof can be as much fun as a tree, I think!

  9. These are so cool! I have a couple coloring books and I never find the time ...

  10. Yes, climbing a tree was always fun. I used to like to climb them all the time. We had a bird feeder up in one of ours. I would climb it to put bread crumbs in it.

  11. WOW! This colorbook is amazing. We have to check out if it is available in our Country☺Pawkisses for a Happy Day☺❤

  12. I was given a cat coloring book and pencils for Christmas last year. It's been fun being a kid again. A pet marble named Fred. Now that is interesting, strange but interesting.

  13. I agree: trees are so much fun to sit in. I miss that. I had a pet rock, too. Roxanne. It was the 1970s. I hope you have that party. Hugs.