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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Color These Cats Medieval: New Coloring Book for Cat Lovers

Today we have just a few words to say about the new Medieval Cats Coloring Book for Cat Lovers, and those words are as follows:

What great fun!

And now, a few more words

Okay, we couldn’t really contain ourselves to only three words about this coloring book, because we think this is the neatest cat-themed thing we’ve seen recently. The 8.5 x 11–inch book includes twenty different images you can color, and the thing that makes these images exceptional is that they all come from manuscripts that are roughly 500 or more years old. L. A. Vocelle of The Great Cat has put together this collection of cat illustrations mostly from medieval bestiaries and books of hours. Some have lots of little details that could take hours to color; others (like the lion She of Little Talent colored yesterday) can be done fairly quickly.
Lion from a Persian Bestiary,
12th to 13th century.
Colored by
She of Little Talent, 2016.

This coloring craze may be called “adult coloring,” but the Medieval Cats Coloring Book is exactly the sort of thing old SoLT would have loved even when she was twelve or so. Vocelle has included information on where each image came from, meaning that—if you are a researchy type of person—you can track down the original either for a coloring guide (if you want your version to look really authentic) or to compare your color choices to the original artist’s. But you don’t have to be a researchy person to enjoy coloring these cats. The pictures are attractive, and it’s interesting to see how cats were portrayed in art way back when.

Highly recommended!

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