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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Adoptable Cats: A Trio from Tabby’s Place

Cats with a Past

Today I’m proud to introduce a new weekly feature called “Cats with a Past.” In this space, we’ll help you get to know some felines who may go overlooked in shelters because of their more mature years. But we’re here to remind you that older cats make great companions. Also, they don’t tend to climb up your drapes like kittens do.

This week, we bring you three cats from Tabby’s Place, a very special cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey. Each of these felines has special needs, so they are looking for really special homes.

Hocus Pocus, or Hocus, as his
friends call him.

First up is Hocus Pocus, a handsome gentleman who is 16 years old and is FIV+. Hocus, as his friends call him, may be a little shy at first, so he needs some patient and understanding humans who won’t rush him and try to get all handsy before he’s ready (you know how touch-feely some people can be). But look at that face! Learn more about Hocus here, and remember, if you can’t adopt, you can sponsor him to help Tabby’s Place care for him.

Meatball, a mellow dude.
Next up is Meatball, whom Tabby’s Place describes as “a wise sage, a royal king, and a surfer dude.” Meatball (what a name!) is 11 years old. He’s a pretty mellow guy, and he gets along well with people and cats. He does have diabetes, so he requires some special care, including a special diet and insulin shots. (By the way, don’t be afraid of having to give insulin shots. Even She of Little Talent has done it, so you know it can’t be difficult!) Learn more about Meatball here, and if you can’t take him home, maybe you can sponsor his care at Tabby’s Place.

Lovely Adelaide, full
of joy.
Finally, please meet Adelaide, a beautiful 13-year-old girl known around Tabby’s Place for her sweet disposition. Adelaide is FIV+ and has an autoimmune disease called stomatitis, which has required the removal of almost all of her teeth. This joyful girl needs some special care and a whole lot of love. Learn more about her here, and please consider sponsoring her if you can’t take her into your home.

Tabby’s Place has lots of other cats waiting for adoption. And even if you can’t bring a new cat into your home, you can virtually adopt (sponsor) the cat of your choice through the Tabby’s Place website. You can even send a virtual gift basket for the holidays. Just check out the Tabby’s Place gift catalog to see all the possibilities.

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