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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Paisley's Ergonomically Correct Day at the Office

The Real Cats

In today's installment of The Real Cats, we see Paisley's day at the office. Well, half day. You'll see what I mean. You might want to take notes on her ergonomically correct work habits.

Here we see Paisley at the start of her shift, demonstrating an
ergonomically correct way to sleep while at work.
It's helpful if your person has a sofa with pillows and a blankie.

Here Paisley shows that it's okay--indeed, necessary--to take a
break and change positions once in a while. Every two to three
hours should suffice. This will help prevent those pesky
repetitive-rest injuries.

Paisley practices personal cleanliness in the office, and you should
too. Your office mates will appreciate your stopping to bathe just
before lunch.

How does a cat know when her shift has ended? Well, when the
dog's shift starts right after lunch, the cat can clock out!

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