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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Announcing the Acatemy

People and cats: a centuries-old bond.
This man shared a special moment
with his cat back in the mid-1800s.
He would've been in the Acatemy for sure.
Photo from the Library of  Congress.

People and cats have been bonding and sharing special moments for thousands of years. We know this from the amazing works of cat-related art that have survived from ancient Egpyt, Greece, Rome, and other cultures...and from more recent items like the photo at left.

Maybe some cats even wandered into Plato’s famed Academy and stayed to enjoy that lively society-who knows? Maybe…Plato was a cat person and had a less well known group called the Acatemy, where he got together with other cat lovers to learn and share news and insights about their feline friends.

Okay, that probably did not happen way back in 380 BC or thereabouts when Plato was around. But you know what? The Acatemy is happening today, and you can be a part of it.

What is the Acatemy? It’s a one-of-a-kind society for cat lovers to learn fascinating expert insights, see cat-related news, and get special perks, and it’s brought to you by Meow Mix (come on, sing the song with me: “Meow meow meow meow…”). I'm a proud member—along with many other top cat bloggers, authors, and “pet personalities.” The best news is that you can join too: You know those six thousand cute photos and videos you have of your cat? Just share one and you’re in! Plus, all new members get a FREE bag of Meow Mix's new Irresistibles Treats, and you know your cat will love that.

Curious? Watch the video below to find out more. I’ll see you at the Acatemy!

Sign up at: https://irresistiblemoments.com/acatemy

This is a sponsored post.

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