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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Celebrate Exelauno Day: A Guide for Owners of Classical Cats

Happy Exelauno Day! Let us march forth...

Today, March 4th, is the day classically educated cats (like me) and humans (like old SoLT, although in her case, "educated" is kind of a stretch) celebrate Exelauno Day. This is because some clever human once realized that the date “March fourth” sounds exactly like one of the meanings of the Greek verb exelauno: to “march forth.”

Those of you with cats will probably be wondering, "How can I celebrate Exelauno Day with my cat?" It is really very simple. Just follow these instructions:

At least four times a day on March 4th, march forth to your kitchen, open the bag of delicious cat treats, and give some to your cat.*
Celebrate Exelauno Day by marching forth to the kitchen to feed your kitty!

Key Points

1. You must march to the kitchen. If you merely walk there, you are disgracing the holiday.
2. It is okay to have a little something for yourself too, since you have made the effort to march to the kitchen. An olive or a bit of Greek yogurt, perhaps.

Happy Exelauno Day!

*Note: I suppose, if you have a dog, you could follow the same basic steps, substituting dog treats for cat treats.

(Image credits: Adobe Stock.)

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