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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Product Review: Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat

The Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat
The Art of Paws heated mat features a 6.5-foot bite-proof cord and a soft fleece cover.

Disclaimer: We received a free Heated Pet Mat in exchange for our honest review. We received no monetary compensation. All opinions are our own.

The Real Cats have been wanting a heated pet mat for a while, so they were thrilled when Art of Paws asked them to review this heated mat. Paisley was especially interested in the packaging.

Hmm...what's this? Real Cat Paisley examines the Art of Paws Box.
Hmm ... what's in here?

She was also the first to take the mat for a test sit. She reports that the mat is thick, and the fleece cover is quite comfy. The mat also has a bite-proof cord, perfect for kitties like Paisley who will chew on anything that looks like string. She is also excited to learn that one of the cat executive officers at Art of Paws is named Paisley too.

Real Cat Paisley takes the Art of Paws mat for a test sit

When the mat first arrived, it was about 80 degrees outside and not much cooler inside, so nobody felt much like lying on anything warm. But it was still February, so the temperatures dipped within a day or two and Webster was ready to give the Art of Paws mat a good test nap. He liked it well enough before the heat was even turned on, but once that mat started to warm up, Webs was in heaven.

Real Cat Webster loves his Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat
This mat is awesomely warm!

He stayed there for hours. He reports that the mat doesn’t get uncomfortably hot; it gently warms older, stiffer joints, and it feels so good on a chilly day!

Real Cat Webster could lie on the Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat all day!
I could literally do this all day. Oh wait ... I did!

Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat Features:
  • Generous size—It’s 23 x 17 inches, plenty big for two average-sized cats. Our smallish Labrador retriever would even fit on it, so it would be great for small to medium dogs too.
  • Internal thermometer and overheating protection ensures your pet won’t get too hot. We kept checking the mat to see how hot it was getting, and it was never more than a gentle warmth.
  • 6.5-foot bite-proof cord keeps pets safe and allows you to use the mat even if there isn’t an outlet close to where your pet likes to nap.
  • Fleece cover removes easily for machine washing.
  • Fast shipping (international orders take longer, though).
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And it's Real-Cat Approved!

This product is Real-Cat Approved!

Plus, the dog likes it too!

Layla on Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat
Resident Dog Layla reports: This mat is so warm. It's even better than my old blankie!
That cat is NEVER getting it back.

Discount Code!
Art of Paws was generous enough to offer a discount to our readers. Use the code cuddlywumps to get 15% off your entire order. This code is good for the first 30 customers at each of the Art of Paws sites: www.artofpaws.com (US customers) & www.artofpaws.co.uk (UK customers).


  1. guyz.....thiz matt lookz awesum.......we will hafta chex thiz out
    winter will be bak in full force again ....prob ablee next week !! ☺☺♥♥

  2. Since we are in the middle of a huge snowstorm right now, when it was about 60 degrees F yesterday, I am in complete agreement with Layla; it's mine and I'm not giving it back!

  3. That looks super comfy cozy! I think Mudpie would love a mat that exudes warms :)

  4. That does look like a nice mat and the size is nice to fit Layla too :)

  5. Uh-oh, watch out, kitties, you've been usurped! I think both our cat and our dogs would love this mat. I love the name of the company too.

  6. Queen Penelope had a heated bed that she absolutely loved (so did the other cats...but they hardly ever got to get in it) That mat look purrfect for a couple to curl up on!