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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Case of Cat Torture in Maryland Shows Need for Protections for Animals

Hardy the cat recovering in a safe place. Photo via Alley Cat Rescue.
Hardy is getting better and recovering in a
safe place now. Remarkably, he still trusts people!
Photo from Alley Cat Rescue.

Earlier this week the good people at Alley Cat Rescue contacted us with a disturbing story. A wounded gray cat had been brought in to the Prince George’s County (Maryland) Animal Shelter, but this cat’s injuries were not the result of an accident. It was determined that the wounds to his ears, limbs, and tail had been inflicted intentionally. Alley Cat Rescue took over the cat’s care and named him Hardy, meaning “courageous and capable of enduring difficult conditions. This certainly describes Hardy’s brave yet gentle personality,” ACR said in a news update.

What happened to Hardy?

After veterinary examination, it was determined that Hardy suffered for weeks at the hands of a person who, for reasons we may never understand, put rubber bands on his tail and limbs and cut his ears. By the time Hardy was rescued, his tail was necrotic and had to be surgically removed. On three of his legs, the toes were “hanging by threads,” so those toes were also amputated.
Hardy's damaged rear legs and tail. Photo via Alley Cat Rescue.
Hardy's tail and parts of three of his feet
had to be removed because of the damage
caused by his abuser.
Photo via Alley Cat Rescue.

Hardy is recovering now that he is getting good care. The remarkable thing is, despite his tattered ears and damaged limbs and tail, Hardy still trusts people. He will even nudge up against people to ask for some pets.

Hardy is not the only one

Sadly, Hardy’s case is far from unique. According to data cited by the Humane Society of the United States, in 2011 over 1,400 cruelty cases were reported in which the species was given—and remember that is just the tip of the iceberg, because who knows how many cases either weren’t reported at all or did not specify the species. Abuse was most commonly reported for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

Cruelty toward animals must be taken seriously

We don’t know exactly what kind of situation Hardy came from, but we can say that animal cruelty does not just affect the animal victim. Alley Cat Rescue says, “Animal cruelty is often an indicator of a violent personality.” This means that those who start out being violent toward animals can later turn that violence on humans. Also, animal abuse and domestic violence often occur together. In one study at a domestic violence shelter, 71% of the women there who had pets said that their abusive partner had threatened, harmed, or killed their pet.

The federal Pet and Women Safety Act would, among other things, change the definition of stalking to include “conduct that causes a person to experience a reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury to his or her pet.” It would also provide grants so domestic violence shelters could create housing for victims with pets. We think it is important to support this legislation to protect all victims of domestic violence—including pets.

Meanwhile, Hardy is looking for a new, loving home

Alley Cat Rescue is looking for someone to ultimately adopt Hardy and give him the loving home he deserves. Please contact them through their website to learn more.

Prince George’s County Animal Control is investigating Hardy’s case. Anyone who has information on what happened to Hardy should contact them.


  1. This is so heartbreaking. How so-called "humans" can be so unbelievable cruel is just beyond me. I'm so happy Hardy is now safe and I hope his abusers are caught and severely punished.

  2. OMC this mad us so sad. We're glad Hardy is safe.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Thank goodness that Hardy is in the capable hands of Prince George’s County Animal Shelter! This stuff makes me so very angry!

  4. This is heartbreaking. I am glad he is now safe and being cared for. I wish karma and worse for the abuser.

  5. My Mister Kitty is a mass of scars from whatever happened to him before he went feral (now much happier at my house) years ago. The vet tells me at least some are from burns.

  6. That is horrible and animal cruelty has to be taken more seriously. Almost sounds like his torturers belong to a voodoo sect. We have some of those around here. They catnap outdoor cats and shave them and do all sorts of mean things to them. Than they return them and if they have owners, they usually have to get helped to the Rainbow Bridge.