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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Miss Cuddlywumps Converses: with Artist Beth Spencer

Friends, a few weeks ago we were prowling around on Etsy (as you do) when we stumbled across these really cute cat pins from Beth Spencer. We just knew that you all would love them as much as we do, and so we’re pleased to welcome Beth Spencer herself to our blog and to this edition of "Miss Cuddlywumps Converses" to tell us a little bit about herself and her work.

Photo of Beth Spencer with her cat, Sean.
Beth Spencer with her cat, Sean. We think Sean must be a pretty
great cat since he got this dog person to start liking cats!

Love Me Cat Pin, showing a woman trying to kiss a cat, who is resisting.
This Love Me Cat Pin is one
of the things that first caught
our eye. So cute!
Miss C: Beth, we’re really excited that you could join us today. You create so many cute cat items, but I understand that you didn’t always like cats. This seems impossible to me, but if it’s true, what made you start liking cats? 

Beth: Cats were sort of a mystery to me until I adopted my first one in 2013. I wanted a companion for my dog, Lisa. I applied to adopt a three-legged tabby kitten named Sean, and picked him up the next day. Since I've always had dogs, I was a bit nervous about what to expect.

Miss C: I’ll bet you’ve learned a lot from cats, right?

T-shirt with "Cat lady til I die" printed on it.
Might as well admit it: if
you're reading this blog, you can
probably relate to this shirt!
Beth: Cats have taught me to be open minded, patient and never stop trying new things! I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t adopted my first cat and learned what a joy kitties are. 

Miss C: Yes, lots of people would benefit from being around us cats, if only they’d give us a chance. We have so much to teach people! Let’s take a look at some of your art now. Tell us, where do you get your inspiration, and what kind of items do you create?

Beth: My own cats, as well as some whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at the animal shelters in town, are my main source of inspiration. Their mannerisms and personalities can easily turn into a funny greeting card or cartoon on my social media. I create pins, greeting cards, tote bags and magnets!

Detail of Cat Lady Til I Die t-shirt, showing cartoon woman holding several cats.
Detail of the cat lady shirt.
Miss C: Cats are inspirational, aren’t we? We love it that you decided to use your inspiration to create great items for people. My favorite is the SuperCat Lady Pin Collection. When and how did you decide to turn your talent into a business?

Cat Party magnet collection: six circular magnets, each with a different cat face.
Cat Party magnet collection. We like them all, but we're
partial to the Calico-Oh yeah! and the Tortitude.
Beth: I opened my Etsy shop in June. It’s been magically fun and I’ve learned so much!

Miss C: What do you hope people will take away from your work, or how do you hope to touch people through your work?

Beth: I hope to make people laugh, find new perspectives and inspire them to do good things. 

Tote bag with picture of mother cat pushing kitten in shopping cart.
Everybody needs a tote bag, and you might as well
have a cute one, like this tote with a mother cat
pushing her kitten in a shopping cart.
Miss C: Thank you, Beth, for taking the time to join us today. We’ve really enjoyed it. Before you go, can you let us know where can people find out more about you and your art?

Beth: Please visit my website at BethSpencerDesign.com, or follow me on the links below! 

Beth Spencer's work space, with a green desk, books, and a small TV.
Beth Spencer's work space, where she creates all of
these fun things. we love the green desk!

All photos courtesy of Beth Spencer.

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