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Friday, June 10, 2016

Pet Blogger Bloopers Roundup: June

Hello, friends. It's time again for the Pet Blogger Bloopers Roundup--and we're already into the June edition. This is a blog hop hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull, and we're having a lot of fun participating, joining other bloggers on the second Friday of every month to post the results of photo shoots gone wrong. Fortunately, She of Little Talent takes lots of bad photos.

This month we're visited by Real Cat Webster once again, as he shows off his modeling skills while She of Little Talent was writing an app review. All old SoLT wanted was for Webs to sit still and gaze at the iPad with an expression of wonder and curiosity. Yeah, right. He walked around it, stepped over it, pointed his butt at it--all while old SoLT struggled to manage her camera with one hand while also trying to not fall off her balance-ball chair. It was hilarious.

You're pointing at the screen, so that means you want
me to go over here, right?

No? You want me to step over top of it? Okay!

Old SoLT did eventually get an acceptable photo, which she used in this app review.

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