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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cat Product Review: Zen Clipper

We are excited to share this product we’ve just learned about for trimming your cat’s nails. It's called the Zen Clipper, and it is, by far, the easiest way to trim a cat’s nails that we’ve ever tried.

The Zen Clipper is different from other kinds of clippers because
  1. it has a patent-pending blade that’s shaped like a funnel, allowing the nail to go in only to a certain point, so you’re certain to clip the nail, not the quick; and
  2. it is totally silent—no scary clipping sound to frighten your cat.

Real Cat Webster checks out the sizing card.
These clippers come in six different sizes to fit pets with various-size nails. Each size has a handle in a unique color, so if you happen to need different sizes for more than one pet (say, if you have a tiny kitty and a dog who’s a little bigger), you’ll be able to tell them apart easily. And you don’t have to worry about knowing which size to order, because Zen Clipper will send you a free card so you can size your pet’s nails. She of Little Talent was glad they sent that card, because she found out that Real Cat Paisley has dainty little nails that fit the size 1, not the larger size 2 she originally asked for. (You can now also download the card from the Zen Clipper website.)

The real test

Zen Clipper sent us both size 1 and size 2 to try out on the Real Cats. Old SoLT reports that the clippers are very comfortable to hold, and their action is smooth and easy.

Just guide the cat's claw into that little
hole and snip! Easy peasy!
She snuck up on Real Cat Webster while he was sleeping and clipped all the nails on his front paws in about thirty seconds. Easy peasy. Paisley is more, um, spastic, so old SoLT only got most of the nails on one paw done before Paisley objected and ran away, but that is still a record. When she falls asleep in a convenient spot, Paisley will be getting the rest of her nails done.

It was very easy to guide the claw into the hole and give it a quick—and silent!—snip. The little snipping sound from the last clippers old SoLT tried always freaked the cats out a little bit. It was so much easier to just not clip their nails. But now…

The Zen Clipper is so comfortable and easy to use, the Real Cats will be getting their nails trimmed regularly from now on. No stress, no fuss.

Learn more about the Zen Clipper at http://www.zenclipper.com/

Highly recommended!

We received items for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. We would not recommend any product that has not been Real-Cat Approved, meaning we’ve tried it, we like it, and we recommend it without reservation.

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