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Friday, January 10, 2014

Of Cats and Humans: 5,300 Years Together and Still You Know Nothing

The Near Eastern Wildcat, native to Western Asia
and Africa, is believed to be the primary ancestor
of all domestic cats now living around the globe.

I, Miss Cuddlywumps, have recently learned that we cats have been living with you humans for at least 5,300 years. Some people found ancient bones from at least two cats at an archaeological site in China. The people scientifically determined that these two cats were eating animals, probably rodents, that ate the humans’ grain. One of the cats had lived to a nice ripe age, so it must have made a good living among the humans and their vermin. A second cat had eaten more grain than you might expect, suggesting it was either taking the humans’ food or convinced the humans to feed it. Good kitty!

This find got me thinking: Over 5,000 years we cats have been with you humans, and still you know nothing about us. You are imperfect companions who give us food we do not like, later than we prefer. You buy us toys that are not fun to play with and then complain about all the money you “waste” on us.

Here is a clue: Give us a cardboard box or paper bag and a ball made of scrunched-up aluminum foil and we will be entertained for several minutes, at least. You should be pleased if you can entertain a cat for several minutes. After all, we cats did not choose to live with you humans because we found you so enormously entertaining. We came for the food.

Though, to be completely honest, we do enjoy watching your pointless antics.

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