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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Flexy Paw Promises to Help You Take Better Cat Photos

Flexy Paws attaches to any phone, tablet, and most cases
Flexy Paws clips to your phone or
tablet. The paw clip holds a toy or treat
up to a half-inch thick.
Photo courtesy of Paw Champs.
It seems so simple. Your cat is adorable and is constantly doing adorable things, so it should be easy to get adorable photos of said cat, right? Right?

Yes, we know how it really goes. Your cat is being adorable, so you run off to find your phone, run back to where the cat is, put in your passcode, find the camera app, open the camera app … and by then the cat has lost interest in whatever adorable thing she was doing. Your cat has also lost interest in you and your little phone thingy. Another cute-photo fail.

Introducing Flexy Paw

Recently we were contacted by the makers of a new product called Flexy Paw that promises to help you take better pet photos. The Flexy Paw is basically a clip that you attach to your phone and then clip a toy or treat into. Having a favorite toy attached to the phone will draw your cat’s attention right where you want it—on you.
Flexy Paw in use to capture a cat's attention for a photo
Flexy Paw in action. The attached toy catches
your cat's attention.
Photo courtesy of Paw Champs.

Flexy Paw is created by Paw Champs and got its start in Los Angeles with a group of friends who wanted to take better photos of their pets (i.e., photos in which the pet was actually looking toward the camera). The product isn’t ready just yet. It’s currently in a Kickstarter campaign, where for a $14 pledge, you can get yourself locked in to receive one of the very first Flexy Paws. We pledged because we really want to try this out on the Real Cats. Because surely a catnip toy will be more interesting to the cats than old SoLT begging, “Look at me. Please look at me.”

Flexy Paw details

Here are a few details on the Flexy Paw:
  • attaches to most smart phones and tablets, along with most cases
  • made of soft plastic, so it won’t scratch your phone
  • bends and rotates 360 degrees to any direction or angle you would want 
  • holds a treat or toy up to half-inch thick and can hold a weight of an apple (about 7 ounces)
  • will retail for $16.99, but you can get it for less on Kickstarter

Flexy Paws photo, kneeling woman takes a photo of a dog
Oh yeah...works on dogs too.
Photo courtesy of Paw Champs.
Note that the photos show the Flexy Paw prototype. The color of the final product will be a high-gloss white.

Oh, and we’ve kept this post cat-centric because, you know, cats are awesome … but I bet you could get a dog’s attention by clipping a treat to your phone.

Check out the video below, and for more information, take a look at the Flexy Paw Kickstarter page.


  1. I have something similar that is a bear that plugs into the phone. You squeeze the bear and it squeaks. To be honest? That thing above if Cody saw a treat he would climb over ME and beat the hell out of that paw til the treat came out and I would end up with no photo (wink)........maybe with more laid back cats it would work. It is also way larger than I would like....the one I have you hold the bear in your hand (or dog, whatever it is) and squeak it. That just looks a little too cumbersome, but thanks for sharing! catchatwithcarenandcody

  2. I'm thinking Bear would either be too scared of it or beat the smack out of it until it broke. Those are pretty his only reactions to things like this ... though I might be pleasantly surprised :)