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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Miss Cuddlywumps Converses: with Oliver of the Oliver Poons Children’s Company

Oliver the cat, the inspiration behind Oliver Poons.
Oliver the cat, the inspiration behind Oliver Poons and the
Oliver Poons Children's Company. What a handsome boy! No
wonder he inspired a whole company.
  Welcome to this edition of “Miss Cuddlywumps Converses.” Today I’m excited to be speaking with Oliver, the feline inspiration behind the character Oliver Poons of the Oliver Poons Children’s Company and #YellowHatsforCats.

Hello, Oliver, and thank you for joining us today. We’re very happy to meet you. I understand you are a rescue cat. Can you tell us about how your person, Lauryn, found you and a little bit about your relationship with her?

Oliver the cat reading one of his books.
From kitten in a shelter to being in
his very own book, Oliver has come a
long way!
Oliver: I was a baby kitten at No Kitten Left Behind in East Hartford, CT. I had a meet and greet with Lauryn to see if she met my standards! J Our colors were alike that day as Lauryn was dressed in black and white too! As our eyes met, I knew in an instant, she was the one. We’ve been bonded ever since.

Every day, I used to spend a lot of my time waiting patiently for her to come home from work. Lately, though, things have been different. For the past four and a half years, Lauryn has been home most of the time recovering from Lyme disease. Although this has been rough for Lauryn sometimes, I’ve enjoyed our bond and the lots of extra time we get to spend cuddling. I even have a book named after me now!

Miss C: I am sorry Lauryn has been ill, but it is great that you get to be in a book. I think more cats should be in books. Really, I don't know what else humans have to write about. Tell me, how did your person get the idea to start the Oliver Poons Children’s Company?

Cover of Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat
Oliver's first book,
Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat.
Get it in print or as an e-book.
Oliver: I’ve always considered how cute I might look in a yellow hat, and the idea just happened to pop in her head! My friend Orange Kitty and I spied each other through the sliding glass door in the kitchen. I felt the world needed to hear our tale and Lauryn was the perfect one to tell it.

Miss C: You are very cute in a yellow hat! You’re the inspiration behind the character Oliver Poons in the children’s books Lauryn writes. Please tell us briefly about the books and what role Oliver Poons plays?

Oliver: Of course I’m the protagonist and have the lead role! My co-characters, Orange Kitty and Myrtle, offer me much guidance on my adventures. With a little help from friends, anything is possible! You’ll have to read and find out what we’re up to in our two books, Oliver Poons and the Bright Yellow Hat, and Dreaming in Color. Young children are delighted by our whimsy and antics!
Cover of Dreaming in Color
Oliver's next book is Dreaming in Color.
Get it here.

Miss C: What is #YellowHatsforCats all about, and how can we participate?
#YellowHatsforCats is the Oliver Poons Children’s Company’s partnership with animal welfare organizations to which we donate 15% of all online sales. We have a number of different participating groups across the United States, and we’re starting to expand internationally too! Customers can select a participating group of their choice to benefit with their purchase on each of the product pages at oliverpoons.com. A list of all our participating organizations can also be found at yellowhatsforcats.com.

Oliver the cat in a yellow hat.
Oliver in his so-spiffy
yellow hat.
Such style!
Since Lauryn and I are best friends, we wanted to do something a little extra special to help the organizations who help humans find their future best fur-friends! Everyone can show their support for this campaign by posting a picture of their cat in a yellow hat and tagging #yellowhatsforcats on social media. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at instagram.com/yellowhatsforcats and participate! Humans and cats all over the world have started to join in our movement…we even got a post from Antarctica recently! #YellowHatsforCats has officially made it to ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS!

If you know of an animal welfare organization local to you that would like to take part in our campaign, you can have them contact us on social media or using the contact form on oliverpoons.com. We’re limiting groups to no more than three per state in the U.S.A., but the only other requirement is that the organization treats animals in a dignified, compassionate manner.

Real Cat Paisley decked out in yellow hat & scarf.
Real Cat Paisley dons a
yellow hat & scarf for
Miss C: Wow! Your worldwide reach is really exciting, Oliver! Do you have any advice for cats who’d like to inspire their humans to Do Good Things?

Oliver: In my scholarly kitty wisdom, I always like to say, “Bring a smile to a child and a cat and you shall bring a smile to yourself!”

Need your own Yellow Hat?
Oliver's company offers this
Children's Yellow Floppy Hat.
That is so true. You are a very wise kitty, Oliver! Thanks again for being here. It’s been a real pleasure to meet you and learn about your books and #YellowHatsforCats. I hope you’ll visit us again someday! In the meantime, friends, please take a moment to learn more about the Oliver Poons Children’s Company at these links:


Real Cat Webster wearing a yellow hard hat.
Real Cat Webster chose a hard hat
for this image of him at work.
How appropriate!

#YellowHatsforCats sticker

All images (except the Real Cats!) courtesy of Lauryn Wendus and Oliver Poons Children's Co.

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