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Friday, August 19, 2016

6 More Cat Names from Greek Myth: Heroes and Heroines

Because naming a cat is no easy thing (at least it shouldn’t be—and yes, I’m talking to all you people who name your cats Fluffy), we are pleased to bring you the second in a series of cat names from Greek myth. Today’s post covers six of our favorite heroes and heroines.


Pretty cat who could be named Helen
Could this face launch a thousand ships? Just call her Helen!
Helen: The Greek world's most beautiful woman. Abducted and taken to Troy, whereupon her face "launched a thousand ships" (and a little thing called the Trojan War) as the Greeks set off to get her back. For the cat who is beautiful but a little bit naughty—or, better, for the cat who gets blamed for things that aren’t really her fault at all.

Penelope: Wife of Odysseus who for years waited faithfully for her husband to return from the Trojan War. For the faithful cat. Also just a pretty name, and it can be shortened to Penny.

Got a talkative tortie?
Could be Cassandra!
Cassandra: The prophet who was cursed to not be believed. Good for the cat who talks a lot, whether anyone listens or not. Also can be shortened to Cass or Cassie (or Miss C!).



black cat in front of remains of a Greek temple
"No, I won't fight in your dumb war, because you
hurt my feelings," says Achilles the cat.
Odysseus (or Ulysses): Hero of The Odyssey who spent 10 years trying to get home after the Trojan War—and not because he wasn’t trying. For the determined, clever cat who just doesn’t quit.

Achilles: Great Greek hero who withdrew from the Trojan War when his honor was slighted. He eventually returned, but only after his dear companion was killed. For the proud cat who acts tough but whose feelings are easily hurt.

orange cat wearing do-rag and lifting weights
Got a cat who is in great
shape and can slay monsters with
ease? Herakles!
Herkales (or Hercules): A hero and son of Zeus, known for his great strength and for completing 12 seemingly impossible labors (his penance for killing his wife, which wasn’t really his fault because Hera—Zeus’s wife and not Herakles’s mother—caused him to go mad [long story!]). For the cat of great strength and stature, or for the cat whose human was really into Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

For more cat names from Greek myth, see 10 Cat Names from Greek Myth: Gods and Goddesses.

Photo credits: All images via Adobe Stock.

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