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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Are Cats in Boxes Passé?

It’s no secret that cats love boxes, and people love cats in boxes. Cats jumping into boxes, jumping out of boxes, getting stuck in boxes, playing in boxes, lurking in boxes, sleeping in boxes… It seems that there are conjunctions of cats and boxes everywhere you look online.

This has led Real Cat Webster to wonder if the Internet has reached its cat-in-box saturation point. Could it be that cats in boxes have finally become passé? That (gasp!) cats in boxes aren’t cute anymore?

 Informal study of cuteness of cats in boxes

To test this horrifying possibility, Webster tried out some different boxes and asked She of Little Talent to photograph him:
Photo 1: Webster in a box on its side.

Photo 2: Webster in a slightly-too-small box.

Photo 3: Webster in a different box on its side.

Photo 4: Webster in a large box with a window.

He even had old SoLT photograph Real Cat Paisley in a box:

Photo 5: Paisley in a box.


Next, Webster examined the photos to see if they were (a) cute or (b) boring. He reports his data below:

  • Photo 1: (a) Cute
  • Photo 2: (a) Cute
  • Photo 3: (a) Cute
  • Photo 4: (a) Cute
  • Photo 5: (b) Boring*

[*Webster promises that his opinion of photo 5 was not influenced by the fact that Paisley ate his breakfast that morning.]


So, 4 out of 5 pictures of cats in boxes in this informal study were considered cute. That’s 80%, clearly a majority.

Conclusion: Cats in boxes are not passé. Cats in boxes are still cute, and always will be, unless the cat in the box has eaten your breakfast.

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