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Monday, February 8, 2016

App Review: Weather Cats

Humans are obsessed with the weather. If you want to know exactly how obsessed, just search for “weather apps” on your phone, and prepare to be overwhelmed. Certain humans (possibly you, if you’re reading this blog) are also obsessed with cats, so it’s really no surprise that there are several apps combining cats and weather. Today we are considering one called Weather Cats.

A screenshot from Weather
Cats. Cute cats.
This app, created by Hamster Factory, is free and has no ads. It is available for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 8 or later.

We used Weather Cats on She of Little Talent’s iPhone for a couple of weeks. It gives the current day’s weather forecast and a three-day forecast for one location—sometimes. Mostly it only provides a three-day forecast that is, um, unreliable. The day before the Blizzard of 2016 arrived here, Weather Cats claimed the next day would bring “light snow.” We got two feet of snow, which I guess might be considered light…on a snow planet.

But the app does have some cute cat pictures, and you can choose from among six different cat patterns for the background. We like the snow leopard, though the tiger is easier for reading.

The bottom line is this: Weather Cats is not a reliable weather app. It is, however, a reliable cat picture app, though it has only a few pictures. We check Weather Cats once in a while because we like some of the pictures and, hey, it's free, but when it’s time to check the weather, we look out the window.

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