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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Medieval Cats Rock!: A Selection of 14th-Century Cats Playing Musical Instruments

Wordless Wednesday

From a Book of Hours, London, c. 1320–1330.
A rebec was a pear-shaped, usually three-stringed instrument
with a slender neck. It was played with a bow, just as the cat
is doing in the illustration.
Marginal illustration from a Book of Hours.
London, c. 1320–1330.
On the left, a cat plays an unidentified instrument, while on the
right, a rabbit beats a drum.

From “The Queen Mary Psalter,”  attributed to
the Queen Mary Master.
England, c. 1310-1320.
A cat beats a tabor while a donkey plays a trumpet.
A tabor was a small drum played as accompaniment to a
pipe or fife. The pipe and drum were both played by the same
musician, and you can just make out what appears to be a pipe
in the cat’s left paw.

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