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Friday, December 19, 2014

What Kind of Cat Would Santa Claus Have? Part 2

Last Friday, I began an exploration into what kind of cat Santa Claus would have, if Santa Claus had a cat.

To recap, Santa Claus is a substantial, jolly old elf who lives at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus and a bunch of equally jolly but less-substantial elves. Clearly, not just any cat would fit in under these conditions. The cat who aspires to live with Santa should be

  1.  large,
  2. well insulated,
  3. intelligent, and
  4. able to get along with elves.


      5. He or she should not be afraid to ride in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer.

I first chose the Norwegian Forest Cat as the perfect cat for Santa, but there is a second possibility, and that is…

The Siberian Cat


Clearly, the Siberian is a cat built for winter weather,
perfect for life at the North Pole with Santa.
Photo by Jan Warner [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

These prized cats of Russia would be perfect for Santa. Why? They tick all the boxes:

  • Siberians are certainly substantial. They are large, powerful cats and can weigh up to 26 pounds. These cats easily meet our first requirement for life with Santa.
  • They also have a dense triple coat that is water repellent, and they have tufted paws to help them get around in snow. Plus, Siberians have a big, bushy tail they can wrap around their face to keep warm. Requirement #2? Definitely a check!
  • The Siberian cat is known for being intelligent, sociable, and loyal. They are also athletic and playful, and love a good game. Santa better watch out, though, because all that intelligence and activity also makes the Siberian a good problem-solver, so it will be hard to hide things from her. Requirement #3? Check!
  • Siberians are sociable cats, and are known to be patient with children. Therefore, a Siberian cat will probably do just fine around a bunch of elves. (I am using children to stand in for elves, because—surprisingly—most cat books do not mention elves at all.) That’s a check for requirement #4.
  • Finally, these cats have been described as being “fearless and easygoing.” These traits will be another big plus in dealing with elves. And, of course, I think it would take a pretty fearless, easygoing cat to get in a flying sleigh with a very large elf who says “ho, ho, ho!” a lot. Requirement #5, check.

So, I believe the Siberian would be an excellent choice for Santa. In case you're still not convinced, check out my interview with cosmocat Puri Gagarin, a Siberian with his eyes on the stars.

And don’t be surprised if you see Santa arriving with a rather large, friendly cat at his side this year. I say it’s about time.

Siberians are known for being sociable, playful, and
easygoing. Look, this one already has her Santa hat
on and is ready to play with some elves
or hop on a flying sleigh!
Photo © Elen | Dreamstime.com -


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