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Monday, October 13, 2014

Glasgow’s Finest Cat Sleuth Commutes to His Latest Case

Miss Cuddlywumps reviews Leger’s City, the latest cat mystery from Lacey Dearie

“Handsome… Daring. Cunning. Intuitive. A talented artist.” These are words that describe Glasgow’s finest cat sleuth, a black fellow named Leger. One word that should be added to that description is resourceful, and all of Leger’s resourcefulness is on display in his latest adventure, Leger’s City.

You humans probably think that we cats live simple, uncomplicated lives, but this is often not the case. Take Leger’s situation at the beginning of this story: His beloved person, Annabella, has been accused of robbing a post office, and the CCTV footage provides damning evidence against her. His lovely lady friend, Ginger, is about to give birth to kittens, and Leger, stand-up cat that he is, wants to be there for her (plus he doesn’t want Ginger to be angry at him for not being there). One of his usual helpers, a seagull, is off on another mission. And then there’s Nigel, Leger’s pet mouse, who might not be as trustworthy as one would hope (but then, mice are notoriously untrustworthy).

Sounds stressful, right? And so it is, but Leger takes care of it all, managing to hop a train into the heart of the city, where he goes to work locating the evidence that can prove Annabella’s innocence. Along the way he gets some help from birds, as well as a homeless man and his dog who might just be the key to everything.

Leger’s City is another entertaining tale from Lacey Dearie. We found it be a good evening’s read, well-written and with characters who seem real to us, even though we know cats don’t really take public transport to travel around and solve their latest cases (or do they?).

Leger is one of the best cat characters we know of. He has a job, a hobby (sculpting), a girlfriend, and a pet—now that is a well-rounded cat. The interplay between Dearie’s characters is always a joy to read, and her plots draw us right in. We always love the moment in her stories when we think, How on earth is Leger going to handle this? But, like a true hero, he always comes through.

We’re sad to learn that the Leger series is winding down, though Dearie says she is planning a Leger novel, which we look forward to.

Until then, I’m happy to give Leger’s City

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