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Monday, August 11, 2014

Glasgow’s Finest Cat Sleuth Has a Secret

Miss Cuddlywumps reviews Leger’s Secret by Lacey Dearie

There are cool cats and there are cool cats, but there are few cats as cool as Leger. First of all, he is a black cat, which is automatically cool. Second, he is “Glasgow’s finest cat sleuth,” which is uber-cool. Third, he has a pet mouse named Nigel. (Honestly, I am not sure if that third point is cool or not, but it is unique.)

In Leger’s Secret, this particular cool cat finds himself in a tricky situation. It all starts with Lily, a homeless calico Leger met in a previous adventure. Leger, upstanding feline that he is, has taken it upon himself to find a home for Lily, and the home he decides on is with one Malky Maguire. Maguire has a questionable past, but he does love cats, so this seems a fine option. A little catnip helps Lily settle in (and I am using “settle in” loosely; she actually ends up hanging happily from a curtain rail, but we’ve all been there, haven’t we?).

Unfortunately, Maguire has a problem. Someone has been vandalizing his property, only he doesn’t know who is doing it or why. Things escalate when the vandal strikes again, a cat is hurt, and Lily is nowhere to be found. Now Leger has a problem.

He naturally feels obligated to identify the vandal and locate Lily, for whom he feels responsible. But Leger’s red-haired girlfriend, Ginger, is suspicious of his habit of hanging around other females and has given him an ultimatum: If he wants to be with her, he has to lay off the investigations for a while. So Leger’s secret is that he is conducting an important investigation behind Ginger’s back.

I will not reveal any more of the story, except to tell you that it also involves a seagull named Joe. The rest you will have to read for yourself, and I recommend that you do.

This is the first story that we have read in the Leger series (it is book #9), and now we wonder why we waited so long to get into it. The writing is good and we admire the way the plot is resolved. She of Little Talent laughed out loud at the end, when Leger gets an unfortunate surprise. Also, it is hard not to love Leger. Quite an admirable cat, is Leger. He truly is a cat with character, and one worth reading about.

I give Leger's Secret an enthusiastic

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